Growing Your SEO Agency with Semrush with Greg Gifford

Learn how to find and win SEO clients, manage campaigns, and create meaningful reports with industry expert Greg Gifford.

Who is this сourse for?

This course is ideal for digital marketing agency owners who want to learn how to leverage Semrush to find more SEO leads, win them over, manage SEO campaigns and ultimately scale their SEO department.

What you’ll learn

In this free online course, industry expert Greg Gifford will show you how to use Semrush to find and win SEO clients, manage SEO campaigns, and create meaningful reports.

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Greg Gifford

Greg Gifford

Greg Gifford is an experienced SEO consultant specializing in Local SEO. He is the Vice President of Search at SearchLab, a local SEO and PPC agency located in Chicago, IL. With over 17 years of experience, Greg has been an honored guest and speaker at top SEO conferences around the globe. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Cinema and Communications, and has an obscure movie quote for just about any situation.

Course Structure



A quick overview of what you will learn in this course and who would benefit most from taking the course.
1 video
3 minutes

Finding SEO Clients Using Semrush

Ready to find new SEO clients using SEMrush? In this lesson, Greg will show you how to use Semrush tools such as Domain Analytics, Organic Search, Traffic Analytics and others to find potential SEO leads. Plus get access to a lead generation checklist!
1 video
8 minutes

Using Semrush to Create Your SEO Pitch

Greg Gifford will teach you how to create an SEO pitch that will get more clients saying "yes" to your agency. You'll understand what is needed in your SEO pitch, how to prepare for the pitch and how to use Semrush tools to bring it to the next level.
1 video
8 minutes

Using Market Explorer for Your SEO Pitch

In this lesson, you'll learn how to compare your potential client to current market trends and where they stand in traffic generation strategies. Find out how your prospect compares to some of their top competitors, and learn how to find other potential SEO leads, all with Market Explorer.
1 video
8 minutes

SEO Campaign Management with Semrush

Learn how to manage your clients and run your SEO campaign with Semrush. Greg will show you how to add a client, connect data sources, and set up tools in your Semrush project. Included are helpful templates and checklists to make things even easier.
1 video
9 minutes

Creating SEO Reports for Clients with Semrush

If you can't show your clients how you are helping them get more leads from your work, they won't stick around. Learn how to create meaningful reports that show your efforts are having a positive effect on the client's bottom line so that they keep paying for your services month after month.
1 video
5 minutes

The Necessary Paperwork for Your SEO Agency

In this lesson, Greg will show you the paperwork side of doing client work at your agency. Learn about invoicing, payments, and forecasting so you can grow your agency.
1 video
4 minutes

Scaling Your SEO Agency

This lesson ties everything together. You'll learn what you need to scale your agency and how to see the results you are getting for all your clients over the long run.
1 video
5 minutes
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