Marketing Analysis - Where Theory Meets Practice

Semrush's new Marketing Analysis course provides the foundational knowledge necessary to analyze any market and build a surefire marketing strategy.

Who is this сourse for?

The information and strategies in this course are suitable for beginner marketers and those who want to bring their business to the next level.

What you’ll learn

Semrush’s new Marketing Analysis course offers 10 short lessons on a range of marketing related topics including market assessment, audience segmentation, and competitor analysis. Each student also receives access to Semrush. Trends so they can put their knowledge to practice by gathering real data about their market.
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Fernando Angulo

Fernando Angulo

Fernando Angulo has been with Semrush since 2011. As Senior Market Research Manager, he’s built an all-star marketing team and has become one of the brand’s most recognized faces. Each year, he shares his expertise on Market Research and other marketing topics at over 50 of the industry’s top conferences worldwide. Fernando also shares his practical experience in B2B search marketing, e-commerce, and influencer marketing with companies such as Expedia, T-mobile, Prestashop, and Bing.

Course Structure


Marketing Is...

In this lesson, you'll find out what marketing analysis is and why it's important for your business.
1 video
13 minutes

Quick Marketing Audit

Let's unwrap the ins and outs of a PEST analysis, why it's useful, and how to run one.
1 video
16 minutes

Quick Marketing Audit. Generations & Social Trends.

How do customers make purchase decisions? Let's talk about social factors and generational theory.
1 video
13 minutes

Assessing the Market: 1

Let's take a look at industry-level external factors, market size, and market demand.
1 video
16 minutes

Assessing the Market: 2

In this lesson, let's continue assessing the market by looking at market geography and demographics.
1 video
11 minutes

Competitors: 1

To better understand your competitors and your company's advantages, let's explore the Porter's Five Forces framework and do some strategic mapping.
1 video
12 minutes

Competitors: 2

In this lesson, we'll consider your competitors in more detail. What is competitor analysis? Who are your competitors? And how do you analyze them?
1 video
9 minutes


In this lesson, we'll take a detailed look at our potential customers through the process of consumer analysis.
1 video
14 minutes

Internal Analysis

Let's analyze internal factors that can impact your business. We'll discuss the key characteristics of an organization's business and resources.
1 video
12 minutes

Collect Final Insights with the SWOT Analysis

Let's systematize all the knowledge we've collected and put all the pieces of the puzzle together with the SWOT and TOWS analyses.
1 video
15 minutes
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