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API unit balance

Basic docs divider Last updated: April 9, 2024


When you purchase an API unit package in addition to your Business subscription, you'll have a limited number of API units to make calls. To learn more, refer to How to get API.

Request price

API requests consume API units per request or line.

The total request price is calculated based on the number of lines in the report or particular request.

Check API unit balance

Price: free

To make sure you have enough API units to make calls, you can check your balance on the Subscription info page or make a free API request.

Whenever you run out of API units, you can buy more on the Subscription info page or contact our sales representatives.

Endpoint (GET)

Request example

Response example


What if I don't have enough API units

Depending on the report and API version, you'll get either an error or a partial number of lines.


If you don't have enough API units for the requested number of lines or requests:

  • In API version 3, you'll get ERROR 132.
  • In API version 4, you'll get the 403 error.

Partial number of lines

In API version 3, for reports that cost per line, you will get the number of lines for which you have enough API units.

Therefore, it's important to check API unit balance, so you don't lose data.

Response example (API v4)

  "error": {
    "code": 403,
    "message": "????",
    "description": "????"