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How an exclusive partnership with SEMrush made Adactive number 1 innovative digital agency

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There is no end to the amount of data you can get from SEMrush. The research part is incomparable, we can learn instantly about customers’ competitors, backlinks and content. We have an exclusive database too, which gives us that competitive advantage.
Shlomi Meshulam, CEO and founder, Adactive

About Adactive:

Adactive is a leading digital agency with more than a dozen years of experience. The technology, the tools they have developed over the years and of course the team make the difference. From its first day, Adactive has been committed to the value of excellence, professionalism and innovation to the goal of empowering customers and always being first. Achieving the best results is of utmost importance to Adactive. They have developed technological tools combined with unique accurate data that enables customer promotion to the hottest results on the web, as well as the advanced reporting system that enables customers to stay updated.

Business challenge

As one of the country’s leading online marketing agencies, Adactive manages several hundred customers from all over the world: Israel, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the US and Canada, among others. These customers come from highly diverse industry backgrounds such as Travel, E-commerce, Finance, Education and many more. Customers’ specific needs vary from case to case, but the ultimate request is always the same: a full-service package and the best value for money.
Previously, Adactive relied on a local tool – mainly to track keywords – and a lot of additional software was needed in order to fulfill customers’ expectations. Being effective at what it does, Adactive was growing its customer base consistently. Eventually it became necessary to reconsider the company’s existing software solutions.
Adactive’s customers wanted it all: the technical aspect, the content, the traffic, the brand awareness, more visibility, more conversions – and SEMrush offered them just that.
“We strive to deliver the best service to our customers, and we always want to be ahead of the game, explore the newest technology and work with the most accurate tools. That is why we started using SEMrush three years ago,” says Shlomi Meshulam, CEO and founder at Adactive.


Choosing SEMrush suite was a vital step in strengthening Adactive’s approach to work. “SEMrush is focused on the entire process of SEO. We are now able to work quickly and efficiently, while still getting so much more. The research part is incomparable. We can learn instantly about customers’ competitors, backlinks and content. We have an exclusive database too, which gives us that competitive advantage,” added Shlomi.
Itamar Wagner, CTO of Adactive, recalls a large government institution his company has worked with. The organization works directly with the general public and is actively attracting people to its services. “Imagine a big client who is already doing really well, getting tens of thousands of monthly visits to their huge website. How do you make it better? How do you choose what to focus on?” begins Itamar. “But then you pull data from SEMrush, take a closer look, and you see the competitive landscape – turns out there is always room for improvement, no matter how great the traffic is!”
“You need to look at what the top competitors are doing,” was Itamar’s response to a customer, and indeed, after careful analysis using SEMrush, Adactive was able to suggest new subjects for its client’s content and shift its focus from obvious keywords to more converting and relevant ones. For example, rather than placing bets on a subject like ‘job search’ Adactive changed its focus to ‘jobs career training.’
Another successful strategy was to introduce salary comparison tables – something the client wasn’t doing at all, but competitors were. As a result, Adactive has boosted its client’s traffic by at least 20%, the client’s ranking positions have doubled from nearly 10,000 to almost 20,000 keywords in less than a year. Their page one results have grown too, going from 1,400 to 2,100 keywords in 11 months.
Adactive also spoke of another customer of theirs, Keshet-Teamim. As a fast-growing supermarket chain in Israel, it has a customer loyalty club. Before collaborating with Adactive, Keshet-Teamim would have as few as several dozens new customers join the club online each month, which was far from satisfactory for such a large company. Using SEMrush, Adactive managed to acquire more than a 1000 new members per month, which is a twenty-fold increase! On top of that, Keshet-Teamim is now ranking for the most relevant and competitive keywords in their field.
Adactive says that growing the customer base is much easier with SEMrush. “We manage more clients more effectively with SEMrush now than without it. The customers are so impressed with what we are able to demonstrate using the tool, and it’s generally easier to showcase what we can do for them."
“No other tool shows such comprehensive data for that kind of money. In the past, to prepare that crucial initial competitors research for a customer would take us several hours at least – it only takes a few minutes now with SEMrush,” adds Shlomi.


20x growth in customer’s online registrations in less than a year.
A leading supermarket chain in the region grew its loyalty club at a rate of more than a 1000 new members monthly, compared to several dozens before collaborating with Adactive and SEMrush.
Doubling visibility for customers’ business.
With the help of SEMrush, Adactive devised new content topics that have resulted in keyword positions in top 10 Google SERP growing from 1,400 to 2,100, and Organic Traffic for a governmental organization increasing by 73%.
Working at least twice as fast while managing more customers.
Saving time and money is easy with SEMrush, thanks to the automation and variety of tools that the suite provides. Adactive increased its speed twofold, meaning it can manage a growing customer base without hiring extra managers.
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