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AdVisible turns a local, ready-made meal brand into the fastest-growing company in its niche with 2300% ROI from SEO

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“When it comes to delivering top-tier SEO services to our valued clients, Semrush has been a crucial part of our SEO process, providing our marketing specialists with the tools and data they need to make key decisions. Without Semrush, we wouldn't have had the data and insights to help our client achieve a 2300% ROI.”
Andrew Hou, Director and Co-founder, AdVisible

About AdVisible:

Established back in 2009, AdVisible is an award-winning Sydney-based agency providing digital marketing services to clients coming from all over the globe. With a growth mindset at the heart of AdVisible’s strategies, its innovative, creative and results-driven approaches are laser-focused on ensuring growth and sales boost to its clients.

Business challenge: help MACROS accelerate organic growth, amplify brand position and increase ROI within the ready-meals market

Back in June 2019, MACROS, an Australian ready-made meal service, approached AdVisible to help the brand strengthen its position within the AU market and turn MACROS into a leading industry player.

Australia’s ready-made meal niche is highly competitive, with the presence of well-established ready-meal brands like My Muscle Chef, YouFoodz, Thrive and many more. Compared to its competitors, MACROS had little SEO backing and tasked AdVisible to boost its online presence and reach new customers.

With a limited SEO budget and ROI increase as the key objective, AdVisible needed to focus on strategies that provided incremental growth, while keeping the client’s customer acquisition costs down.

Having explored the client’s needs in more detail, AdVisible employed a SMART framework to pinpoint the precise goals of its year-long campaign, with the key emphasis on:

Growing brand and product awareness;
Boosting organic rankings for relevant keywords, especially those with high CPCs;
Increasing organic sessions, organic keyword rankings, and monthly recurring checkouts & revenue by 10% MoM;
Achieving ROI of +500% per annum.

Solution: leverage the power of SEO (SEO audit, Keyword research & Mapping, Technical SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO) to bring growth

Gathering Insights on the MACROS Target Audience

Before conducting a complete SEO audit for their client, AdVisible needed to gain additional insights into their target audience, the overall competition and an understanding of the healthy meal plan market.

To estimate the overall market potential for MACROS, AdVisible used Semrush’s Market Explorer tool for an instant market overview:

AdVisible discovered that over 250,000 users are visiting ready-made meal service sites monthly, and MACROS had around 30,000 users of this market share.

With the help of Semrush’s Keyword Overview, the agency deep-dived into organic keywords that drive the largest visitor numbers to MACROS competitors. They found out that the majority of the MACROS target audience is looking for a ready-meal solution to:

Save money on food over the long run;
Save time planning, cooking and cleaning;
Improve general health and well being.

With these insights, AdVisible was able to craft a growth strategy for boosting their client’s organic visibility that would ensure the fulfilment of the rest of the goals.

Exploring competitors’ digital strategies with the highest business impact.

Uncovering Key Traffic-Driving Channels.

Using Semrush’s Market Explorer tool, AdVisible wanted to initially look at the client’s competitor traffic generation strategies:

The insights gathered from the tool only proved that AdVisible's initial strategy was correct. The client's competitors were also placing their biggest bet on brand awareness (direct) and organic growth (search).

Revealing keywords that can potentially bring the most targeted traffic

The agency utilised Semrush’s extensive set of SEO tools to find the most targeted and relevant keywords that are searched by their client's target audience. Once they’ve cross-matched the keywords by search volume and CPC metrics, they were able to build out a comprehensive plan to map out these keywords across the site.

1. Technical, On-page and off-page: AdVisible implemented a wide range of SEO tactics. This included, and not limited to:

Crawling & index issues;
Meta optimisation;
URL optimisation;
Header tags;
Optimised SEO copy;
Keyword mapping;
Image optimisation;
Internal and external linking;

2. Monitor, track, and optimise: the agency regularly reviewed key SEO metrics, stayed on top of algorithm changes and looked out for new keywords to help MACROS take advantage of new opportunities.


In just one year, AdVisible managed to implement strategies that outgrew the client’s expectations, proving that technical expertise, coupled with powerful content and systematic optimisation, can achieve outstanding long-term results for a client.

- MACROS was turned into the fastest-growing company in its niche

As a result of its organic growth, they have became one of the fastest-growing companies in the ready-made meal space in Australia. Throughout the campaign, the client has been experiencing an average monthly transaction boost of 30%, with +50% coming from organic traffic.

- Skyrocketed brand visibility

MACROS has benefited from increased visibility across the board, witnessing strong steady growth across all key SEO metrics:

They have seen a 20% monthly increase in the number of keywords the brand’s site ranks for.
They have also seen a great traffic trend from May 2019 to October 2020. Comparing just the month of September 2020 to October 2020, there was a huge increase of 48.08%.
From 0 to 4K backlinks: AdVisible’s SEO efforts have strengthened the brand’s presence across other relevant platforms, building over 4K backlinks for the MACROS website.
The key result: a mind-blowing return on investment: AdVisible’s SEO campaign generated +2,300% ROI for MACROS.
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