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Healthcare software platform enters the US market and grows organic traffic by 20% in 5 months

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“Semrush has revolutionized the way we think about, manage, and execute our SEO initiatives. It has enabled us to streamline a once tedious process and achieve results in a timeline once thought to be inconceivable.”
Jared Levy, Digital Marketing Specialist at AlayaCare

About AlayaCare:

AlayaCare offers a complete technology solution to manage the entire client lifecycle including referrals and intake, scheduling, coordination, client health records, clinical documentation, care worker management, billing and payroll, reporting, remote patient monitoring, and a mobile caregiver app in one integrated, highly robust and secure, cloud-based system. AlayaCare is providing the platform for home and community care organizations to propel towards innovation and home care of the future.

Business Challenge: grow organic market share through higher region-specific search rankings

AlayaCare’s entry into the highly competitive US market fueled the need for a solid digital strategy to increase rankings in the US to drive home more organic traffic resulting in more US-based conversions and ultimately more US deal creation. 

At the end of June 2020, AlayaCare’s goal was simple: increase both non-branded and branded keyword rankings on Google’s US SERP and drive more relevant traffic to the website.

Solution: competitive analysis, keyword research and on-page optimization

Competitive Analysis

The first step in AlayaCare’s initiative to increase rankings was to ensure that the keyword list was up-to-date and relevant regarding the rankings of their competition. In order to search for any major keyword gaps, AlayaCare used Semrush’s competitive research tab to perform a Keyword Gap Analysis which compared their keywords to that of their main direct competitors in the US market.

This analysis provided AlayaCare with several keyword opportunities that had not been considered before and these keywords were subsequently added to the main keyword list that AlayaCare would go on to track. 

Semrush Keyword Gap Tool results for AlayaCare and its competitor

Keyword Research and Position Tracking Set-up

In the next step of AlayaCare’s process, they utilized Semrush’s full suite of keyword tools in tandem with the competitive research tools to compile a list of the main keywords to rank and track for in the position tracking dashboard. 

Specifically, AlayaCare leveraged Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to generate several potential keywords to rank for off of one query. From this list, AlayaCare was able to create its keywords based on four criteria:

  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC

The AlayaCare team also excluded irrelevant keywords off the bat using the ‘Exclude Keywords’ filter on the Keyword Magic Tool. This enabled them to remove inapplicable keywords that included words like “free” or “cheap” as these were not the keywords that AlayaCare, as a premium software, wanted to rank for, even if they were high volume. If all criteria were met, AlayaCare would save the keyword and export it to their position tracking dashboard for use later. 

“The position tracking dashboard is an exceptionally useful tool offered by Semrush as it enables us to measure the most important part of our SEO progress, the keyword rankings. It’s historical data features allow us to see our results over time and prove the ROI of the Semrush software,” shares Jared.

On-Page Optimization

After utilizing Semrush’s tools to develop a keyword list to rank for, the most important part was to perform the on-page optimization to achieve these results. 

To accomplish this, AlayaCare looked to Semrush’s On Page SEO Checker and specifically the “Optimization Ideas” tab to provide a plan of action on how to optimize the pages necessary for ranking higher. 

The tool provided several areas of improvement for AlayaCare to undertake and ensure that it was staying compliant with the best practices for a sound SEO strategy. 

AlayaCare, using the optimization ideas, ensured that their target keywords were adequately placed across the heading text, body text, and other areas where relevant. This optimization was performed on the home page, product pages, service-line pages, and high-intent pages. Using On Page SEO Checker, AlayaCare was also able to optimize the majority of their previously created blog posts and provide an optimization process blueprint for all future posts.

This process has also enabled AlayaCare to ensure they are following best practices on new pages, as they are constantly creating new pages for additional service lines and business types that they serve, especially in the different regional markets that they operate in.


Average position for priority keywords grew from 18.33 to 6.00 in five months (June - November 2020).
The positions improved for some of the most important keywords, including “private duty nursing software” which is AlayCare’s highest revenue earning keyword. With the help of Semrush, AlayaCare was able to increase visibility for the high priority keywords from 26.10% all the way to 100%.
In the same period of time, traffic from organic search saw an increase of 19.4%.
Visits from the U.S. now make up 33% of the total traffic.
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