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US agency generates high-quality leads & lands its best client via Semrush Agency Partners

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“The Semrush Agency Partners Platform has given me the best client I have. Being listed on the platform gives me quality leads with an excellent level and ability to understand the digital and organic context.”
Andres Castro, CEO & Founder, Andres SEO Expert

About Andres SEO Expert:

Andres SEO Expert is a bilingual, Miami-based SEO agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses around the world maximize their online impact. They work together with clients to develop fully customized SEO plans to maximize online visibility and boost traffic and sales. Their clients specialize in everything from technology to travel, hospitality, eCommerce, and beauty, wellness, and more.

Business Challenge: Generate Higher Quality Leads

Many entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized businesses do not use professional data and information analysis tools. What’s more, those that do may not have the expertise to use them effectively. Andres SEO Expert set out to leverage their SEO expertise and their knowledge of Semrush tools to set their agency’s services apart, while also generating more high-quality leads and increasing sales. 

Because they were already familiar not only with Semrush but also with comparable SaaS platforms and agency partner platforms, Andres SEO Expert was well-positioned to take advantage of the benefits the Semrush Agency Partners Platform has to offer.

Solution: Become a Semrush Agency Partner

As experienced Semrush users, Andres SEO Expert was already familiar with the myriad ways Semrush tools could benefit their clients. They turned to the Agency Partner Platform to leverage that expertise to attract more, better quality clients.

Here’s how they did it: 

1. Become A Semrush-Certified Agency

In order to become a Semrush Agency Partner, Andres SEO Expert first had to demonstrate their proficiency by passing two Semrush Academy certification exams.

First, the Semrush for Digital Agencies Certification covers the full client lifecycle, including:

Attracting and landing new clients with an effective pitch strategy
Onboarding new clients
Planning and executing workflows to better serve client needs
Using Semrush to demonstrate and report on progress and ensure transparency, both internally and with clients

Next, prospective agency partners may choose one Semrush Toolkit Proficiency exam that aligns with their service focus, including:

Content Marketing
Competitive Research

2. Create An Agency Partner Page

After becoming Semrush-certified, Andres SEO Expert then created an Agency Partner Page, in order to connect with Semrush’s global community of marketers. 

The Agency Partner page is a dedicated landing page, which enables future clients to easily find trusted partners. It includes an agency’s contact information, areas of expertise, budget, pricing model, company size, background, and any other info helping users to choose a marketing partner. 

Prospective clients can search for trusted agencies by services provided, industries, campaign budget, and promotion region. Then they can learn more about you on your Agency Partner Page and contact you directly.

Results: Bigger Clients & Higher Quality Leads Compared to Other Marketing Channels

As a Semrush Agency Partner, Andres SEO Expert was able to:

Generate higher quality leads compared to other partner agency platforms and marketing channels
Land the largest client they have, providing link building and SEO content creation services
Land two additional high-quality clients based on client referrals
Increased invoice services from $500/month previously to $2500/month for new clients
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