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How to build your online visibility strategy

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About Buildin:

Buildin is a content platform aimed at educating the construction industry on the subject of digital transformation, addressing the topics of innovation, technology and constructive processes. Buildin has set its mission to help professionals, showing new processes and tools to optimize time and resources to bring more results.

Business Challenge:

The company has been on the market for over 2 years, and 7 months ago it faced the challenge of diversifying its products: "When I joined the company, it had only one product - face-to-face events - and we needed to diversify, as the events could only bring revenue during one period of the year. So we started to create other product lines and online content was one of them. Our main idea was to monetize and generate more cash for the company," explains Maikon, CEO of Buildin.
"The company has been producing content since it started, more than 2 years ago, focusing on curation and creation of exclusive content, but we never focused on SEO and organic traffic. The focus was always on paid media and spontaneous traffic. When I joined the company and started to analyze the competitors, I realized that construction sector had some well-positioned players in terms of organic traffic, with 500-600 thousand accesses per month and that keyword competition is low. There was an opportunity to conquer some positions in organic search."


Buildin's first step was to audit the site with SEMrush, which showed that it had several errors, old URLs, and content that is not working. As the company felt the growth opportunity in organic search and already had enough content at hand, we chose a strategy of two fronts:
Optimize the existing content
Create new SEO-focused content
"At these stages SEMrush tools were of great help. With SEMrush I was able to extract all the URLs that were bringing organic traffic, and to understand which keywords from each URL were being ranked. For this purpose I created an external worksheet where I put together URLs and content that did not generate organic traffic and had no social engagement. We ended up excluding these URLs: the content was very superficial, very shallow, it was not worth working with," says Maikon.
"For other content pieces we created an optimization process: As high-level keywords were very competitive in the construction area, Buildin chose the strategy that focuses on long tail keywords, incorporating them in the texts. These keywords were also popular with the target audience and so our Google rankings increased.
"We created a method to optimize and gain rankings for long-tail keywords, increasing the ROI in the short term with the help of a SEO Onpage checklist. SEMrush Writing Assistant was one of the essential items of the checklist that helped us to optimize and focus on related words."


20% traffic increase per month
"Since January our traffic is growing 20% per month. This is our goal, a very aggressive goal, but it's bringing the result,"- explains Maikon.
Buildin is now considered a reference and is gaining positions.
Buildin is gaining first places in rankings by focusing on long tail content strategy. "We won 92 positions in 2 days with long-tail keywords in a post where the high level keyword was very competitive and we could not increase the rankings with it . And with the strategy of focusing on long tail keywords Google is starting to understand that our content is good and is also optimizing for the high-level keyword." During the last quarter Buildin focused a lot on SEO, and won 23 new keywords in top 3 and 31 new keywords in top 10: "We are in top 3 for top keywords of our industry : for example, we are ranking first for the keyword "construction", one of our high-level keywords with 25,000 searches, it is very important to us. "
Engagement growth
Last year Buildin's marketing team had an idea of giving priority to optimizing pages with extensive content (5 to 10 thousand words) with distinctive design that brought relevant traffic. Now these content pieces have become the platform's anchor content, bringing engagements and leads. "With the help of Social Media Tracker tool you can also monitor the increase in social media engagement," says Maikon.
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