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Business Consort accelerates success in the education market by boosting organic traffic by 55% in just 4 months

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“SEMrush has fast-tracked our results tenfold at a time, implying that business intelligence is so critical to our growth. SEMrush tools enabled us to really gear our content based on consumer demand, conveying our key principles through case studies and guides that illustrate that we truly practice what we preach and showcasing our vast SEM expertise through sharing relevant content to our consumers.”
Dawn McGruer, Founder at Business Consort

About Business Consort:

Business Consort - the Digital & Social Media Academy is a CIM Accredited (Chartered Institute of Marketing) study centre. Founded back in 2005, it has welcomed over 27,000 students from across the world. The prestigious training academy aims to future-proof its clients’ careers through developing digital skills and helping to master the world of online marketing and social media to scale and grow businesses worldwide.

Business Challenge: turning content marketing into the brand’s key salesforce

Being a world-leading educator in digital marketing, Business Consort, however, was up against more long-standing and well-established educational brands, who have solid brand recognition and a track record of success. 

Yet the challenge was not to win these brands’ existing audiences - as more and more businesses are realizing that digital is an integral part of future growth, the audience of marketing education platforms is ever-expanding.

So, the question was: how to encourage this new audience to choose Business Consort’s educational services over its competitors?

The company decided to make market wins by turning content marketing into its key driving force. By growing organic positions and investing in high-quality targeted content, Business Consort aimed to direct the diverse audience of potential marketing “students” to its site.

As Business Consort's founder, Dawn McGruer, has put it, “We have to move at a pace aligned to our consumer’s needs, wants and behaviors; and with digital marketing becoming more and more popular as a career choice as well as across business processes as a whole, we need to ensure we create content based on demand to educate our audience and provide the knowledge they need at a time that they need it”.

Solution: technical SEO, backlink health, and high-impact content marketing tricks

As an educational platform that teaches about all things digital marketing, Business Consort had to show impeccable SEO results.  

So, initially, the brand decided to work on its site health, ensuring that no technical issues are hindering its SEO and digital marketing efforts. 

Using Site Audit to ensure the utmost site health

With the help of SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool, Business Consort identified the most “toxic” site errors and issues that were potentially affecting its organic performance. 

One by one, using Site Audit’s prioritization suggestions, the company has gone from 300 crucial site errors down to zero in the course of 4 months.

“Site Audit’s recommendations were integral to our success here - we couldn’t allocate all the team’s time to deal with all the issues simultaneously. Thus, the tool’s prioritization features helped us make smarter decisions about resource allocation and high-impact efforts” shares Dawn.

Boosting site reliability with Backlink Audit

As Business Consort has always been investing in referral traffic, it was important to keep tabs on the quality of backlinks, as an “unhealthy” backlink profile could negatively affect the site’s rankings and send “unreliability” signals to Google.

SEMrush’s Backlink Audit Tool helped the brand to identify and disavow toxic backlinks to ensure an impeccable backlink portfolio associated with the Business Consort’s domain.

Investing in sustainable organic growth and content discovery

While a long-term content strategy was already in place for Business Consort, it managed to use smart digital and content marketing tactics that accelerated organic visibility improvements, and, thus, led more people back to the brand’s site in a short period of time.

Keyword tweaks

Combining insights from SEMrush’s Position Tracking and On Page SEO Checker tools, Business Consort identified up to 3 best-performing keywords per page and the entire site, implementing them across the relevant site sections using On-Page SEO Checker’s improvement suggestions.

And, in about 4 months, a very little time in SEO timelines, Business Consort started seeing tangible results from these efforts, with 18% more pages making it to the top-10 of Google’s SERP.

Content gap ideas

Using SEMrush’s Keyword Gap Tool, Business Consort identified content gaps with its key competitors and created an entire ‘Guides’ section within its website, which gets constantly updated with new relevant content pieces.

The ambitious and growth-driven educational platform hand-picks content topics based on competitor analysis and other SEMrush data, keeping a constant watch on content performance metrics with the help of Post Tracking Tool, which reflects the key content performance data in one dashboard.

These efforts helped Business Consort gain #1 ranking positions in SERP for crucial keywords they aimed to win from the very start of the campaign.


While many marketing educators teach about the importance of site health, user-tailored content creation, and initiating keyword strategies that meet user intent, Business Consort actually decided to put these digital mottos into practice.

And while still being at the start of its success journey, in only 4 months, the brand started seeing some solid results that have brought a positive boost to the company’s cash flow:

Business Consort’s site health has gone up to 97%, leaving almost no obstacles to its SEO success.


The brand increased the number of valuable keywords with organic rankings, leading to significant cost savings for the company.

Based on SEMrush’s Domain Overview Report, Business Consort estimated that the new keywords they started ranking for throughout the campaign thanks to successful content/organic SEO efforts potentially saved up around $4.5K in an ad equivalent, considering that the brand’s competitors are mostly using PPC campaigns to get traffic for these search terms.

July 2020

November 2020

Monthly organic traffic has increased by 55% (Google Search Console data), with an upward growth trend when looking at future traffic estimates.
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