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Cleartrip drives 60% of its sales through Organic Traffic

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“The best part of the tool is their keyword traffic level predictions. It is the smartest way to conduct detailed keyword research and to get a ranking vs traffic based market share analysis.”
Charmis Pala, Global SEO Head, Cleartrip

About Cleartrip:

Cleartrip is a global online travel company, headquartered in Mumbai. The company operates an online travel aggregator website for booking flights and train tickets, hotel reservations, and activities in India and the Middle East countries.

Business challenge

As part of the marketing strategy to capture the overall market share via different media, Organic (SEO) plays a vital role, as it has historically proven to be the cheapest and most qualified medium to gain traffic and revenue.
As there are thousands of keywords to work with, the challenge was to limit the focus to the most important keywords - those for which the competition was driving the greatest amount of traffic. A part of this was knowing how to identify competitors' top-performing keyword strategies and dominate the entire organic market share via the usage of various tools.


Cleartrip has been using SEMrush for the past 2 years and the best part of the tool is keyword traffic level predictions. It is the smartest way to conduct detailed keyword research and to get a ranking vs traffic-based market share analysis.
As the business environment and challenges vary from country to country, Cleartrip is using SEMrush’s API to create a dashboard that can track all the metrics that are critical for the business. This dashboard has become the primary source of information and can help them to focus on a critical set of keywords and also track them on a daily/weekly basis. As the rankings sometimes differ from city to city, Cleartrip uses SEMrush’s Position Tracking tool, which accurately helps them track positions not only at the search engine level but also at a city level. This also helps them track and maintain their rankings.
Analyzing the keywords
As part of the campaign, Charmis and his team use SEMrush to analyze and understand the context of keywords and their best possible SERP features, which helps them segregate keywords into different themes. This activity has helped them to enhance their discovery funnel and to gain more users.
Keyword research that adds value to Cleartrip users
As the nature of Cleartrip’s niche is very competitive, they thought of an innovative approach to offer more value to users via adding granular information supporting the brand itself. “SEMrush helped us to identify some of the patterns that can lead us to “zero page rank” and we used it at scale to add more information that can help our users,” comments Charmis.
Cleartrip’s primary focus is to offer the best landing page experience to users in their local language. In the near future, they are introducing multilingual pages, which will further enhance the user experience. “With SEMrush, we are excited to identify more opportunities that can help us analyze different market positioning in multiple markets,” concludes Charmis.


Cleartrip enjoys a very healthy share of organic search in the UAE and KSA markets
Over 100% increase in Cleartrip’s blog traffic
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