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Marketing agency uses Listing Management to win 60-80% visibility for SMB clients

“Our client retention is through the roof since we started using Semrush—on average, about seven to eight years. What Semrush does is get our employees excited about working with a client.”
Craig Lawson, President of ClickReady Marketing

Business Objective: Generate more leads for local business clients

Prior to adopting Semrush Local, ClickReady Marketing - Atlanta-based SEO agency - faced a challenge: how could they generate more leads for their clients while also finding a cost-effective solution for their agency? 

Many of ClickReady’s clients were local businesses in the Atlanta community—but that didn’t mean every business’s requirements were the same. While some needed to attract more foot traffic to be successful, others wanted to generate their leads online. 

In either case, local SEO was key because their target customers were part of the surrounding community. 

By helping these businesses rank well in Google Maps and local search, ClickReady could help them build a solid flow of leads or foot traffic.

Some of ClickReady’s key challenges included: 

  • Managing listings across many directories
  • Saving time and reducing human error
  • Costly additional fees for essential services like duplicate suppression

Solution: Streamline processes with Semrush Listing Management

ClickReady quickly realized that, by using Semrush’s Listing Management tool, they could:

  • Unify their agency process under one platform—Semrush
  • Save time with automation
  • Save money by using a tool that includes all the features they need
  • Improve consistency by automating many listing management processes

Here’s how it worked. 

With Listing Management from Semrush, ClickReady was able to manage all their clients’ online listings from one place—and in a platform they were already using.

First, they entered each client’s information into Listing Management. The tool then identified any missed opportunities and inconsistencies, and distributed updates automatically.

With that in hand, the team could easily monitor each client’s local listings and suppress duplicates in just a click.

For example, ClickReady increased a large national shredding company’s Visibility scores in Semrush’s Position Tracking tool to 70-80%. This earned them 250 leads per month per geolocation via local search. These leads came in through a variety of channels—50% of leads by phone, 25% through contact forms, and 25% through landing page visits.

Another client—an Atlanta family law attorney—now earns 100 leads per month thanks to their increased visibility online.

ClickReady also helped a pet products franchise earn 60-70 leads per month through local search. Today, they’re a top franchise nationwide—and this success helped ClickReady win new clients from additional related franchises across the country.

Finally, the tool’s user-friendliness enabled ClickReady to increase transparency and build their employees’ and clients’ confidence in their strategies and the results they delivered. This resulted in increased loyalty and client retention.

“Our client retention is through the roof since we started using Semrush.  Most of our clients, on average, are about 7 or 8 years retention. What Semrush did was get our employees excited about working with our clients. We show them real data in real time, and are very transparent about success and failure. It becomes a real partnership.” —Craig Lawson, President of ClickReady Marketing


ClickReady Marketing leverages local SEO to drive success for each client. With the help of Semrush Listing Management, they were able to:

  • Save Time: Using Listing Management resulted in a time savings of 25-30% compared to previous solutions. And because they already used Semrush for other agency services, it streamlined their processes. As a result, they were able to spend more time focusing on providing even better services to their clients.
  • Increase Visibility: With Listing Management empowering their local SEO strategy, ClickReady ensured that each client earned a visibility score of 60-80% and improved Google Maps rankings. 
  • Boost Lead Generation: With consistent business information across all directories and high local visibility, ClickReady’s clients saw a marked increase in leads—whether they preferred foot traffic, phone calls, or web forms. 
  • Increase Client Loyalty: After adopting Semrush and tools such as Listing Management, ClickReady dramatically increased their client retention. Today, they typically retain clients for seven to eight years.
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