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Italian brand Coccinelle has increased its international organic traffic by 25%

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We can’t imagine our online promotion without SEMrush. When we approach a new customer, the first thing we look at is their brand visibility, and with the help of SEMrush we do our best to boost it.
Emanuele Arosio, Head of SEO, Triboo Digitale Group

About Coccinelle:

Coccinelle is a benchmark brand in the production of fashion bags and accessories founded in 1978 in Parma, Italy. The Italian brand produces 4 collections every year, with a vast range of products offering women a wide choice of bags, footwear, purses and fashion accessories including jewellery and scarves. It is sold all over the world through a well-established network of 50 single-brand stores and approximately one thousand multi-brand stores in Italy and abroad.

Business Challenge

As an Italian company, Coccinelle has enjoyed rather strong brand awareness in the Italian market, but Coccinelle’s online presence in the international markets left much to be desired. And since the fashion market is very competitive, Coccinelle had to figure out how to take advantage of the best online marketing practices to gain the upper hand. In other words, the number one challenge for the company was to boost brand awareness among non-Italian customers by promoting awareness of the brand online in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.


To fulfill that task, the following SEMrush instruments were used:
  • Organic Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Site Audit tool
In order to build online brand awareness, it was necessary to gauge the scale of competitors’ presence in international markets first. That’s why the number one task was to define Coccinelle’s main competitors, and that’s where SEMrush’s Organic Research tool came in handy. With the help of the Organic Research tool, Coccinelle was able to figure out what the top keywords for its niche were, as well as their volume, difficulty, CPC, position for each given keyword and a number of other parameters. It allowed the company to narrow down its choice of keywords and determine which are suitable for organic promotion (the Keyword Analytics tool was also used at this stage).

Agency Bootique (Triboo Group)

Bootique is the Triboo Group's creative agency dedicated to developing and executing online marketing strategies. Bootique is a consulting, creative and operational partner that develops Brand sites, manages social media and online PR, creates multi-channel engagement initiatives, produces web videos and photoshooting. These activities are accompanied by a complete service of email marketing, SEO, search and performance advertising which, thanks to the distribution and reach capacity, closes the circle with respect to the production of communication content.

In an effort to build an online marketing strategy, Coccinelle took advantage of its competitors’ best techniques by using SEMrush’s Advertising Research tool, which allows users to examine the full scope of their competitors’ ads. This enabled Coccinelle to focus on creating the best ads, saved a lot of time and allowed the team to spend more time on other marketing activities. As Emanuele Arosio put it, “All it took to create a highly efficient ad was just a couple of clicks”.
Coccinelle also worked on their website’s technical SEO to secure organic advancement of the website in search engines. The Site Audit tool helped to identify and fix a number of crucial issues, such as hreflang mistakes, optimize internal and external links and fix broken images. The tool also ensured smooth transition from http to https.


Organic traffic Boost achieved within months
The international SEO strategy covered 3 countries: US, UK and Germany. In just 4 months company boosted its’ organic traffic for each of these countries by 25%. Besides, if initially the best result for Google ranking was the first keyword on the 5th page, now more than 30 generic (non-branded) keywords are ranked among the 1st and the 3rd pages of Google.
PPC campaign developed with the help of SEMrush delivers paid traffic growth of 23%
Coccinelle have also designed a pool of PPC ads which are being used for promotion. With the help of these ads, Coccinelle attract a steady flow of paid traffic and new customers. The average gain in paid traffic reached 23%.
Healthy website that provides a smooth customer experience
As a result of using Site Audit tool, Coccinelle were able to fix a number of technical SEO issues and an overall technical health has increased to 60% up from just 17%.
Looking ahead, now that the brand is known outside the Italian market, Coccinelle aim to attract even more international customers to their website. As Emanuele Arosio put it, “SEMrush is a unique toolkit in the sense that it includes so many features which are must-have for those who want to compete for top ranking positions in Google”.
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