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French jewelry brand ranks for high-volume keywords, grows traffic by 159% and revenue by 35%

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About Doriane Bijoux:

Doriane Bijoux is a jewelry brand founded in 2000 by its designer Doriane. The company makes 925 sterling silver jewelry for women and men. All its products are hand-made in France. Well known in the south of France where it has four flagship stores, Doriane Bijoux also sells jewelry through its website and resellers throughout the country.

Business challenge: Rank for high-volume keywords with commercial or transactional intent

Started in 2000 as an offline brand, Doriane Bijoux went digital in 2012. The company gradually grew its organic visibility and was successful in ranking for some long-tail keywords used on their product pages, such as “bracelet argent 925 femme” (925 silver bracelet for women). 

While these keywords were relevant and attracted customers who were ready to buy (had a transactional intent), their search volume was insufficient for the thriving online business Doriane Bijoux aspired to be.

Semrush Keyword Overview data

To keep growing their sales and brand recognition, the company needed to rank for top-level, high-volume keywords like “bracelet” and “bracelet argent femme” (silver bracelet for women).

Doing so would make a huge difference in traffic while still keeping a desired commercial or transactional search intent of the site visitors:

Semrush Keyword Overview data


Doriane Bijoux started its SEO optimization in February 2021. The company’s web marketing manager Carla David divided her strategy into three main steps: 

  • Thorough keywords research
  • Link-building
  • General site maintenance

Matching products with the right keywords

To get a better chance of ranking for the top-level keywords with the category pages, Carla needed to make sure the product pages within that category ranked well. This meant improving the long-tail rankings.  

Doriane Bijoux releases new jewelry models almost every week. Before adopting keyword research as a regular practice, the company would give the new products whatever they felt was a fitting name. This definitely didn’t help their SEO.

So the goal was to match each product with a relevant keyword that had a substantial monthly search volume. Carla used Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to find the winning keyword combinations.

Example of keyword combinations in the Semrush Keyword Magic tool

When picking a keyword, she looked for the best search volume and keyword difficulty combination. She also backtracked the older products and updated their titles and meta descriptions to their SEO-optimized versions.

Another strategy to find great traffic opportunities is to look up what your direct competitors are already ranking for. Carla uncovered competitors’ keywords using the Semrush Keyword Gap tool.  

All she needed to do was:

  1. Enter her and the competitors’ domains in the tool to compare their backlink profile
  2. Filter the results to “missing” to get a list of keywords that bring traffic to her competitors
  3. Filter further by preferred search volume, keyword difficulty, intent, and other metrics

Link building

Doriane Bijoux’s link-building process can be divided into two steps:

1. Disavow toxic backlinks

The number and quality of links leading to a website are some of Google’s ranking factors. Too many spammy links can ruin an otherwise sound SEO strategy, so Carla made sure to bring the domain’s backlink profile in order. 

She used the Semrush Backlink Audit tool to detect potentially toxic links coming from suspicious websites: 

Semrush Backlink Audit tool data

She checked the flagged domains for quality and relevance, selected the links that looked spammy, and exported the list into a .txt file that can be easily submitted to the Google disavow tool.

2. Acquire high-quality backlinks

Doriane Bijoux had an inspirational competitor who was doing great with its rankings. Carla entered its domain into the Semrush Backlink Analytics tool to see which websites were sending them traffic. She filtered the results by the domain authority score to get a list of desirable websites to request backlinks from.

A competitor’s referring domain list in Semrush Backlink Analytics

Site Health

All of the SEO efforts could come to naught without a fast and sound website. To detect existing problems, Carla ran a Semrush Site Audit. The tool returned a list of numerous errors and warnings, such as:

  • Javascript problems
  • Not enough text in titles
  • Too many parameters in URLs
  • Duplicate meta descriptions, etc. 

Carla resolved any content-relating problems and exported a list of technical issues for the developers. Soon after that, the site showed an excellent health score:

She continues running site audits every 2-3 weeks for regular site maintenance.

Results: 159% traffic growth, 32% revenue growth

Doriane Bijoux saw the first result shortly after the start of the SEO campaign back in February 2021. By May 2022, the company achieved:

159% traffic growth

Doriane Bijoux ranks for 1432 relevant keywords on Google’s #1 page (compared to 481 in February 2021). Their portfolio now includes high-volume terms like “bracelet” and “bracelet argent femme” (silver bracelet for women).

35% revenue growth

The new traffic brought in more transaction-ready users and translated in the company’s revenue increase.

Confident growth trend

The company’s regular keyword research and competitor insights provide the winning keyword combinations to new products coming out every week which helps drive new audience to the website. The site audits and link-building activities guarantee that Google continues prioritizing Doriane Bijoux’s domain in search results.

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