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How Austrian agency uses SEMrush on all stages of client work

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"SEMrush offers the complete package, from market analysis and keyword research to the development, implementation and monitoring of content marketing strategies. Especially for digital marketing agencies, there is no way around SEMrush."
Alexander Rus, CEO at Evergreen Media®

About Evergreen Media®

Evergreen Media AR GmbH is a content marketing agency focusing on SEO from Innsbruck, Tyrol, serving customers from all over Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The company specializes in sustainable search engine optimization and high-quality content marketing. Evergreen Media® combines innovative on-page optimization, technical optimization and link building with content marketing and UX optimization. The services offered are continuously updated with the latest standards and developments in mind. Videos on search engine optimization and content marketing are published weekly on the Evergreen Media® YouTube channel.

Business challenge

Choosing customers

As content marketing and SEO partners we need to make sure the starting conditions are right for us to be able to deliver results within a reasonable time frame. As we know from experience, this is not always the case and that not every collaboration makes sense. For this reason, we examine and evaluate every request by various criteria.

The right keywords

As an SEO agency with clients in very competitive niches, we must always work to monitor results and measure success.
At the start of every SEO campaign, Evergreen Media® therefore carries out extensive keyword research. The results form the basis for the website structure and the development of a content marketing strategy. The analysis of relevant keywords provides the groundwork for the entire campaign. If errors creep in or keywords are overlooked at this stage, optimization will focus on the wrong topics and some of the budget will be wasted.

Evaluation of results and fine tuning

When keyword research is done and content for relevant keywords has been created, the game has only just begun. Search engine optimization is an endless competition. We must continuously monitor the rankings and keep looking at why a certain page does not deliver the desired performance or does not achieve good keyword rankings.

Troubleshooting following Google updates

As we all know, Google rolls out many major and minor updates every year. For us as an SEO agency, it is essential to know which customers are affected by the updates and in what way – positive or negative.


To meet these challenges, we at Evergreen Media® use Site Audit, Keyword Analytics, On Page SEO Checker and Sensor from SEMrush.
Before we even make an offer, we look at the website’s technical situation using Site Audit and check the link profile with Backlink Analytics. This way we know what we are getting into, which kinds of problems are likely to occur and what budget is needed to deliver results. Thanks to these SEMrush features, we avoid unpleasant surprises further down the road after the contract is signed.
In addition, Market Explorer offers us a quick look at the current market situation. Search engine optimization no longer exists in a vacuum. We need to find the right marketing mix for every potential customer.
After the initial client meeting to kick off the project (immersion workshop), we know which products and services are most important to the client and what the customer journey looks like.
The Keyword Magic Tool helps us to instantly expand our keyword list based on the client’s seed keywords and generates useful keyword groups. Then, the Keyword Gap tool comes in to support our competition-based keyword research. In most niches, you can learn a lot from top competitors, especially if they have been investing in search engine optimization and content marketing for a while.
The On Page SEO Checker has an option to create a keyword mapping yourself, either manually or based on Position Tracking. In our case, we assign a main keyword and two to three secondary keywords to each URL with SEO relevance. The On Page SEO Checker always shows us at a glance what has been covered and how comprehensive coverage is. The tool continuously provides feedback and suggestions regarding your own content based on comparisons to your top 10 competitors. This feature alone saves a lot of time and always highlights the most important next steps.
Most SEO tools have one feature or the other to let you know when Google updates cause turbulence in search results. SEMrush Sensor, however, offers direct feedback on individual projects based on tracked keywords. This way, you not only see whether you are positively or negatively affected by the update, but also whether the event has a business impact.


SEMrush helps us develop an SEO strategy that is the perfect match for each customer. The suite primarily supports us in:
Customer selection
Quote calculation
Keyword research
Content marketing strategy development
Content creation
Content fine tuning
Backlink analysis
On page checking
For this large customer, we could scale up organic Google traffic by developing a new website architecture based on extensive keyword research with SEMrush. All of this happened without creating any new content:
We successfully used Site Audit’s simple and quick checks to relaunch this medium-sized shop website in October 2019:
Based on SEMrush we developed a content marketing strategy with an SEO focus for this smaller client:
We continue to use other tools as well, but SEMrush clearly plays the biggest role in our daily work.
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