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US marketing agency helps online mattress retailer Layla Sleep grow YoY organic revenue by 121% in 9 months

About Inseev Interactive:

Inseev Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency based in San Diego, CA that specializes in data analytics and search marketing. Inseev employees think critically about solving problems, own their mistakes and their successes, and conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. The Inseev team is passionate about being best in class.

Business challenge: grow organic traffic and revenue for eCommerce business

After working with their previous SEO agency for a year, Layla Sleep, an online mattress retailer, was not happy with their organic growth: 

Layla Sleep wasn’t getting the ROI they anticipated;

The company didn’t receive structured reporting;

There was a lack of strategy around where the budget should be allocated;

The internal support team and communication were disorganized.

In November 2019, they turned to Inseev Interactive in the hopes of achieving better results.

Solution: adapt to Google’s search algorithm through on-page and off-page activities

At first, Inseev Interactive identified its strategy and agreed on a 12-month plan with the client.
The strategy focused on three elements of Google’s search algorithm: 

  • Relevance
  • Indexability 
  • Authority


Within the relevance focus of the strategy, Inseev implemented the following: 

Strategy #1: Refine and expand quasi-editorial pages to best match keyword intent and solidify this portion of the content funnel. 

Because their quasi-editorial pages had a much higher conversion rate than their traditional editorial pages, Inseev knew that optimizing these pages was the best approach to increasing non-brand traffic sitewide.     

As the first step, Inseev analyzed the existing on-page content with the Semrush On Page SEO Checker. The tool identifies pages with an opportunity for improvement and allows prioritizing pages based on their traffic volume. This is great for identifying the pages that will drive the most ROI for the client. 

In the case of Layla Sleep, the tool uncovered problems around keyword stuffing, backlinks needed and cannibalization issues across pages.

On Page SEO Checker keyword suggestions for a Layla Sleep blog post
Strategy #2: Create product pages that are optimized to specific size variants (e.g. [queen size mattress]) to expand rankings for commercial keywords.
This was a perfect opportunity to capture more traffic with existing products. The Inseev team conducted keyword research using Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to find new or related keyword opportunities. The team paid special attention to high search volume keywords they had the potential to rank for.
Next, it was time to see what keyword insights Layla Sleep’s competitors had in store. Inseev identified the company’s top organic competitors by looking up the domain in the Semrush Organic Research tool. 
The team conducted a keyword gap analysis among the discovered competitors as well as Leyla Sleep’s aspirational competitors. The Keyword Gap tool helped the agency uncover the opportunities Layla Sleep was missing out on. 
The gathered keywords were then sent to the Semrush Keyword Overview tool. It allowed Inseev to easily drop a list of potential keywords into the tool and check for total search volume, keyword difficulty, and other variations to help determine their keyword strategy. 

The team then sorted the list by volume, weeded out keywords that weren’t relevant to their client and product selection, and analyzed the SERP results for the top keywords they identified. 

Inseev paid special attention to the keywords that were returning primarily product page results and the keywords that had the best chance of converting users into customers. 

Strategy #3: Build hub pages to rank for general, high-volume terms related to Layla Sleep’s product set and better define site architecture and internal linking. Leverage these pages for new information for searchers and well-organized links to all page types. 

This was done to improve the overall site structure so that Google and other search engines could easily understand the wealth and breadth of information that Layla Sleep provides on mattresses and sleep-related topics. The hub pages have been extremely successful for Layla. 

Strategy #4: Expand the blog section as a whole by testing broader content topics and new types of content. Make improvements to individual pages by adding custom graphics, updating sourcing, and improving other Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness signals. 

When it came to writing new blog posts, Inseev didn’t want to proceed blindly either: the team used the SEO Content Template for data-backed suggestions. The tool helps them determine the best way to structure text and identify other semantically related keywords worth including in the copy.     

“We find this tool especially helpful since it analyzes the rivals’ top results for all keywords entered. This helps us to ensure that the content has the ability to rank competitively in the top positions for our target keywords. SEO Content Template is also great for identifying ideal content length and the number of backlinks a post would need to compete in the SERP,” says Wes Flippo, VP of SEO at Inseev. 


Within the indexability part of the strategy, Inseev focused on the following:
Strategy #1: Incorporate the Help subdomain into site architecture through the navigation and the sitemap so both users and search engines can easily identify the information when needed. 

This helped to mitigate concerns around redundant or duplicate content, monitor traffic for overlapping pages and test noindexing if necessary. 

Strategy #2: Improve Page Speed 
Make incremental improvements to image formats and other factors to improve page load times. This improves crawlability for search engines and reduces the bounce rate for users. 

Inseev uses Semrush Site Audit to regularly maintain and identify any technical issues on the client’s website. 



Within the authority part of the strategy, Inseev focused on building high-quality, relevant and authoritative links to the product and quasi-editorial pages

Using the Backlink Audit tool, Inseev analyzed the website’s health. This helped determine how much authority they needed to build. 

Next, in the Backlink Analytics tool, Inseev analyzed competitors’ backlink profiles to find placement opportunities for Layla Sleep.

The team also used the Link Building Tool to gather a preliminary list of backlink prospects. Once they build this list, they like to manually check each URL prior to conducting outreach to ensure that the site is not a competitor, that there are no cloaked or affiliate links blocking the audit from pulling non-linked pages and to gauge the sentiment and quality of the prospect page content. 



Between January and October 2020, Inseev achieved the following YoY results for Layla Sleep:

+313% in users

-72% in bounce rate

+23% in page sessions

+121% in revenue from organic search

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