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SEMrush helps La Redoute build a data-driven SEO strategy

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"When you’re working with hundreds of thousands of keywords, manually optimizing every page just isn’t possible. Our SEO performance depends directly on the quantity and quality of data that providers like SEMrush can give us. We rely on that data to make far-reaching strategic decisions on the site."
François BONTEMPS, SEO Manager, La Redoute

About LaRedoute:

La Redoute was founded in the north of France in 1837. Initially a woollen mill, the brand created the legendary mail-order catalogue and is now a leading online fashion and homeware retailer. La Redoute has consistently reinvented itself over 180 years, today reaching 10 million customers a year in France and 26 countries around the world. With over 70% of sales driven by private labels, La Redoute draws on the expertise of stylists and designers to generate €750 million in annual revenue.

Business challenge

With almost 600,000 products on sale and a marketplace that’s regularly expanding into new areas, La Redoute has the potential to respond to vast numbers of internet searches.
When it comes to SEO, the challenge lies in identifying, capturing and tracking every keyword that might generate business for the brand. But with La Redoute boasting an extensive range including clothing, homeware and beauty, choosing the right keywords isn’t easy.
The international dimension is also important: La Redoute needs insights into all of its markets without using dozens of different local tools, in order to maintain economies of scale and standardize practices.
Finally, to accurately assess the effectiveness of any SEO strategy, it’s essential to analyze changes over a large number of keywords. This will also help La Redoute produce richer internal reports on traffic from organic listings.


La Redoute has worked with SEMrush since 2010, for five key reasons:
A reliable source of keyword information
Local data in all countries targeted by La Redoute
Positioning reports
Competitor analysis

Keyword data

In web positioning, everything starts with useful information on keywords. SEO is impossible without insights into internet searches and search engines’ responses. With a database of billions of keywords, SEMrush is an essential source of data for La Redoute, giving the brand access to a huge amount of raw data and examine it in-house to determine the potential of every expression.

An international approach

Few tools have relevant data on the French market as well as on the UK, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Swiss markets, etc. SEMRush offers a single centralized tool that provides information on all local markets. Because the interface is so easy to use, local teams can work independently and, if necessary, be trained in-house.

Positioning reports

Having a clear and accurate view of SEO results makes it easier to understand the global impact of business decisions. La Redoute uses SEMrush every day to track main keywords’ positioning. Clients particularly appreciate the option to check the positioning and positioning history of any non-project keyword.

Competitor analysis

In fast-changing industries, analyzing your competitors can tell you a lot: errors to avoid, best practices to integrate, new keywords to target, etc. SEMrush is a great tool for analyzing the SEO performances of rival sites. It’s also easy to check a site’s overall performance after a relaunch or to focus on specific searches.

Licence cost

Over the years, SEMrush has been able to add features and increase the volume of available keywords whilst keeping the licence cost attractive. Of course, that’s a factor that comes into play when La Redoute chooses which tools to use.


Offers insights and position tracking on an international scale
La Redoute’s regional teams use SEMrush to obtain SEO insights for their markets. Each country works independently to spot the best SEO keyword opportunities and track positioning performances via the tool. SEMrush helps local teams get up to speed fast and work effectively.
Optimization of hundreds of thousands of keywords
Using the data provided by SEMrush, La Redoute has implemented a strategy to secure maximum keywords in every area. For example, all fashion sites work with the keyword "Dress" (90 k searches/month), with most aiming to position themselves on high-traffic searches like "Red dress" (27 k searches/month), but few manage to identify mid-tail opportunities such as "strappy dress" (720 searches/month) and even fewer have an effective strategy for long-tail keywords like "bird print dress" (90 searches/month). La Redoute is able to cover a maximum of possible keywords thanks to SEMrush data.
20% growth in unbranded SEO every year for three years
Actions on the La Redoute site has significantly boosted its search engine visibility. With +20% growth every year, SEO underpins the site’s acquisition and contributes strongly to the company’s overall growth.
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