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Online course platform sets up more effective PPC campaigns faster and grows organic impressions by 100% in one year

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“When creating campaigns, we never have abundant time to work on a single campaign. We always have to rush, and that's why the Semrush PPC Keyword tool is so good, it allows us to jump from one task to another seamlessly.”
Tetiana Stuzhna, Demand Generation Team Lead at LearnWorlds

About LearnWorlds:

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online course platform that helps you create, sell, and promote online courses. Οnline instructors, educators, coaches, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all types and sizes are using LearnWorlds to create powerful interactive learning experiences for their students, customers, employees, or partners.

The Challenges

For the PPC team: keyword sorting and grouping

Each of the campaigns the PPC team works on in Google Ads consists of many keywords—not only the most expensive and competitive keywords but also long-tail ones, which are usually very targeted and less competitive. It is a real challenge to group them together as normally it can take hours to do so for each campaign. 

When keywords are allocated to a group with similar keywords, it allows the team to achieve a better-quality score that affects the actual CPC by creating more relevant ads for each keyword group. Thus, it is important to keep relevant keywords grouped into very specific ad groups. 

For the SEO and Content team: link-building and site health


Since January 2022, LearnWorlds has been scaling its SEO efforts. A huge part of this process was to identify high-quality backlink opportunities and explore each by relevance. The goal was to boost visibility and improve search rankings through guest posting and link building. 

Both practices require much research and time for back-and-forth email communication. This means that the company needed to find suitable opportunities to create content and then land an opportunity with a third-party blog in which key topics aligned with theirs.

Site Auditing

A constant challenge of any website with a large number of pages like LearnWorlds is to monitor the site and fix technical or content errors. A few examples would be broken links, missing meta-descriptions and images, which need to be resolved. 


For the PPC team

1. Finding keywords for cheaper, more targeted campaigns

LearnWorlds PPC team started using the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool in order to build very targeted campaigns in Google Ads that match their CAC goals. With Keyword Magic, they were able to find new cost-effective keywords and use them together with existing ones. 

What they found particularly useful was the tool’s ability to filter keywords by questions and other key categories. Questions usually display a slightly lower buying intent in Google Ads, but at the same time, they are less expensive. This helps keep LearnWorld’s PPC campaigns cost-effective.

Next, LearnWorlds split their campaigns by keyword intent using the intent feature.

2. Compiling keyword lists

After putting together a comprehensive list of keywords grouped by search intent, the team sends them to the Semrush Keyword Manager. This tool allows them to be even more specific in the process of campaign planning. They usually look at competitiveness and the projection of clicks to group similar keywords together and split them into lists. 

3. PPC keyword grouping

In a few clicks, the LearnWorlds team sends their lists to Semrush’s PPC Keyword Tool, where all the magic happens. Using the tool’s drag & drop feature, they can quickly organize the keywords. If they prefer to keep one keyword per group, they choose the ‘1 keyword = 1 group’ option.

The PPC Keyword tool also allows the removal of duplicates and unnecessary symbols in a click to make the list neat and tidy.

For LearnWorlds, grouping keywords in one campaign used to be the most time-consuming task. With the auto-grouping feature, however, they save a lot of valuable time.

“When creating campaigns, we never have abundant time to work on a single campaign. We always have to rush, and that's why the Semrush PPC Keyword tool is so good, it allows us to jump from one task to another seamlessly,” says Tetiana Stuzhna - Demand Generation Team Lead at LearnWorlds. 

Once they finish, the team needs to do some manual group splitting, but the tool is a great starting point when setting up their PPC campaigns. 

For the SEO and Content teams:

1. Site health

The LearnWorlds team ran their first Semrush Site Audit in early spring 2022, and it uncovered numerous invisible errors:

  • Broken links
  • Missing meta-descriptions (see image)
  • Lengthy titles
  • Various 40X and 50X errors

These issues were costing them UX and authority when visitors were ending up on a 404 page or being referred to an image that was not there.
The team exported the site audit results into Google Sheets, added Status and Notes columns, and fixed them in the following days.

From then on, consistently good site health and UX have allowed LearnWorlds to have indexed pages as early as the same day they were published.

2. Monitoring SERP volatility

Whenever the LearnWorlds team sees a dramatic change in site rankings, they investigate to find out if it is:

a site issue that needs technical or content troubleshooting

a general SERP volatility that affects all websites in their industry and the team should wait it out

For this insight, the team uses Semrush Sensor, a tool that detects Google’s ranking algorithm updates and informs their decisions. 


3. Link-building

In their link-building efforts, the team was looking to save time on finding relevant and reputable domains to request links from. They found Semrush’s SEO Content Template to be very handy for this. 

The tool helps create SEO content templates from the ground up and suggests a list of URLs to get links from based on who links to similar content ranking at the top of Google:

Another real gem for the team was the ‘Κey recommendations’ section of the SEO Content Template

From there, the team was able to explore and identify relevant opportunities for content partnerships without having to search for each one separately. This was a huge time-saver compared to carrying out individual Google searches or visiting each website to check if they are open to guest posting. 

Semrush’s Backlink Gap analysis also helped the team identify hundreds of high-quality opportunities where their competitors were mentioned but they were not. To get a list of top opportunities, all they needed to do is enter their and a competitor’s domains into the tool:

The team automated the reach-out and pitched their software as an additional solution to their listicle, and asked for a review.

“Out of hundreds of automated outreaches, we had dozens of successful links built over the past year. Along with other tactics, we have increased the overall number of unique domains linking to our website by 30% in a period of one year,” shares Nick Malekos, SEO Manager at LearnWorlds.


Between January and August 2022, LearnWorlds has seen the following results:

For the PPC team

  • The PPC team was able to receive a ready-to-import Google Ads Editor list of campaigns split by ad groups with keywords, avoiding entirely the tedious and time-consuming process in between.

For the SEO and Content teams

  • The process of monitoring the impact of Google updates became more efficient.
  • Link-building efforts showed a 30% increase in new referring domains. 
  • With the help of Semrush’s Site Audit, the team managed to decrease the number of errors, applying some quick fixes and boosting SEO performance. 
  • The number of organic impressions by 100% YoY
LearnWorlds’ impressions trend
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