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Agency helps UK family eCommerce go from 5 to 114 online organic leads a month

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About Minty Digital:

Minty Digital is an SEO Agency based in Spain and the UK that helps in-house marketing teams integrate SEO and Digital PR into their existing marketing strategy to drive more traffic, leads and revenue. They work across a number of niches, including health and fitness, home and garden, SaaS, education and SMBs.

Business Challenge: generate leads through organic search traffic

Primethorpe Paving is a home and garden family eCommerce operating in the UK, specializing in paving slabs. 

Even though the company had a website for years, they barely got any online leads. 

Primethorpe Paving was struggling to rank for keywords relating to their niche and approached Minty Digital in September 2019 with the objective of increasing organic visibility and generating more leads.     

The following year, their traffic went from a flat line to a sharp wave pattern that corresponded with the construction season:

Here’s how Minty Digital grew the company’s organic traffic from 1,490 sessions in October 2019 to 16,148 sessions in October 2022.

Solution: driving organic traffic with blog content

The agency focused on the company blog as the primary means of growing organic traffic. The campaign was initially set for 12 months, but is now an ongoing agreement.

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Minty Digital took two approaches to keyword research:

  • Investigating highly relevant keywords that the client wanted to rank for relating to paving, patios, and more
  • Looking at what valuable keywords their competitors were ranking for

In both cases, they had to be creative to deliver fast organic growth. Here’s the workflow that helped them achieve their goals:

Finding winning keyword combinations

As Primethorpe Paving were a somewhat small player in the UK paving industry, by company size as well as their organic search presence, it was always going to be difficult to rank for broad keywords with high keyword difficulty such as “paving slabs” or “patio slabs”.

For this reason, Minty Digital had to identify keywords that were deemed “easy” for keyword difficulty but still had significant search volume. The terms also had to have more than just informational search intent, so there was a higher chance of conversion.

Here’s how they found the winning keyword combinations using the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool:

  1. Entered the seed keyword into the tool
  2. Set the keyword difficulty metric to “Easy” (15-29%)
  3. Filtered the results by search intent, choosing “Commercial”
  4. Ordered the list by volume

After doing this with every core term, the Minty team had a comprehensive keyword list for all of Primethorpe Paving’s products. They didn’t stop there and decided to investigate what worked best for the competitors.

Using competitors’ blueprints

   1. First, the agency had to identify its client’s top organic competitors. Using the Semrush Organic Research tool, they instantly uncovered competing websites that shared common keywords with Primethorpe Paving:

   2. To get a list of keywords that worked best for the competitors but were missing on their client’s website, they entered the domains into the Semrush Keyword Gap tool: 

Next, they filtered the keyword list by “missing” to discover paving-related queries that generated substantial traffic for the competitors:
   3. The Minty team checked the competitor content that ranked for the desired keywords and realized that there was an opportunity to create better and more informative guides that had commercial intent
For example, in the types of paving slabs article, the team explained in depth the difference in each type of paving slab, alongside the likes of pros and cons. They added internal links to full guides and high-res images where readers could see how the paving slabs actually look when fitted in a garden.
This resulted in a quick win over all the competing sites: 
Semrush Position Tracking tool data

Further improving keyword rankings

Using this workflow, Minty Digital was able to quickly grow their client’s keyword portfolio and, as a consequence, domain authority. 

Primethorpe Paving’s organic keyword trend

To give the site a further boost, they paid attention to the pages that were ranking close to Google’s top 3 results but were not quite there yet
To find them, the team:

  1. Entered the client’s domain into the Semrush Organic Research tool
  2. Clicked on the “Positions” tab
  3. Filtered the results to the “Top 20”

Looking through the list they found quick wins—areas of easy improvement such as optimizing meta titles and headings to further increase the rankings.

Minty Digital kept including more long-tail and low-competition keywords found in the Keyword Magic Tool in their blog content. This showcased to Google that their client is an expert in the niche, which ultimately helped them to rank for high search volume keywords such as:


For easy reporting, Minty Digital used the Semrush API to connect the domain analytics tool directly into their Google Data Studio Dashboards. This allowed the client to check their keyword ranking results in real time.
It saved the agency a lot of time on manual reports and allowed them to concentrate on results-driven tasks rather than admin.

Results: from 5 to 114 monthly leads

After three years of consistent SEO efforts, Primethorpe Paving was busy with online orders. The small business is now getting more online leads a month than they used to get in an entire year

Here are some of their website stats:

  • 114 organic leads in October 2022 (compared to just 5 in October 2021)
  • Estimated UK monthly organic traffic was 13,500 in March 2022 (compared to 1270 in March 2020) 
  • 1048 Google top 10 rankings in October 2022 (compared to 55 in September 2019)
  • 313 Google top 3 rankings in October 2022 (compared to 12 in September 2019)        
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