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UK agency, morphsites, helps a brand-new online business reach 30,000 visits per month, thanks to SEMrush’s insights

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"The accuracy of SEMrush helps us build trusting relationships with our customers. We acquire customers based on relationships, and reputation is crucial. It’s important to trust the tool you use, and we have complete confidence in SEMrush. Not only does it help us uncover patterns, but it saves money for both us and our customers."
Dan Drummond, Head of Paid Search, morphsites


About morphsites:

morphsites is a website development studio with an expanding paid search team, staffed by highly experienced industry professionals. They are equipped to tackle projects of any size, and have built a reputation for delivering both highly technical bespoke e-business systems, alongside hugely effective paid search campaigns.

Business challenge

Having built a solid customer base developing websites, morphsites decided it was time to grow their business. They wanted to branch out into PPC and SEO to improve traffic levels for their customer's websites, nurture existing relationships and attract new customers.
Engaging the right traffic, though, was important for morphsites' clients.
For example, Coombe Farm Organic, a brand-new start up, and one of morphsites' customers, operate solely online, so it was crucial that morphsites develop a winning online strategy from the start.
But entering the crowded organic meat market, with some big players turning over $30 million a year, meant morphsites had their work cut out for them.


morphsites consistently find that SEMrush is not only easy to use, but also provides valuable, in-depth data and analytics. It has now been over three years since morphsites chose SEMrush and they’ve never looked back.
To build an effective and high-performing website for Coombe Farm, a detailed understanding of key customer needs was vital.
Dan Drummond, head of paid search at morphsites explains the process: “Using SEMrush, we established search volumes for a selection of keywords. We then matched the most popular keywords with services that Coombe Farm offers. Such optimisation made sure that the website reflected real customer needs in the online space.”
At launch, Coombe Farm sold a simple selection of organic beef and pork, which totalled about 20 products. Today though, they sell over 350 organic products via their website. This includes newly-identified opportunities for growth, such as 'organic bone broth' - a keyword that brought Coombe Farm a lot of traffic due to little market competition. In addition, within 36 months, Coombe Farm’s customer base has tripled!
Competition analysis was also extremely helpful: "We identified which keywords Coombe Farm's competitors were ranking for, both paid and organic. Taking this research into account, we optimised Coombe Farm's website for the same keywords," says Dan. "Coombe Farm's organic performance was better from the start because we built it using SEMrush."
In October 2015, Coombe Farm's website received roughly 1,500 visits each month. But within 30 months, Coombe Farm saw this figure jump to more than 30,000. Organic traffic has also increased from only 100 visits a month to over 9,000.
“Without SEMrush, our job would be much harder. Often customers want to rank for keywords they think are core to their business. But after consulting SEMrush for keyword search volumes, we can show customers which keywords are actually valuable to their business and key goals," says Dan of his experience. "Prospects usually form assumptions about what their customers want before performing any research. SEMrush, however, allows us to actually identify what users are searching for by uncovering important patterns, ultimately saving time and money for both ourselves and our customers."
morphsites also use SEMrush every time they approach new customers, including during the all-important sales pitch. “I will perform a domain analytics report before meeting with the customer which provides valuable insights into the customer and their industry. This is often information the customer doesn't have themselves,” explains Dan.
morphsites also turn to SEMrush when trying to convince customers that a PPC campaign would be profitable for their business. Based on the figures provided by SEMrush and customer insights, morphsites can extrapolate potential ROI for Google Ad campaigns. “Clients can then see potential measurable business benefits, often making it an easy sell,” says Dan.
“The accuracy of SEMrush helps us build trusting relationships with our customers. We acquire customers based on relationships, and reputation is crucial,” remarks Dan about the nature of the business. “It’s important to trust the tool you use, and we have complete confidence in SEMrush.”


morphsites' client’s organic traffic grows from 1,500 to 30,000 visitors per month in a highly competitive market.
Over the course of two and a half years, morphsites have used SEMrush to build effective websites and sales strategies for their customers, resulting in tremendous business growth.
Revenue increase of 4090% Y1 Q1 vs Y3 Q2.
morphsites provided conversion rate optimisation as well as bringing in intent driven traffic with PPC campaigns to provide stellar revenue results within 30 months.
SEMrush increases morphsites customer acquisition thanks to facilitated pitching.
With the highly specific and detailed reports SEMrush provides, morphsites are equipped to earn the trust of their potential customers, eliminating the need for the 'hard sell' approach.
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