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One Egg Digital increases organic search revenue for DJ City by over 74% in 12 months

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“SEMrush really helped us in the delivery of this project with their in-depth SEO tools and analytics. We use this tool daily to illustrate the traffic growth and trends for our clients, especially our key client, DJ City.”
Ilan Shabad, Founder at One Egg Digital

About One Egg Digital:

One Egg Digital is a global marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC & email marketing. The company provides digital marketing support for global brands to help them grow revenue, increase market share, expand income streams and reach their full potential online. One Egg is a forward-thinking technology business, with a mixture of technical acuity, automation, data mining and analytics, focused on providing great results and customer experience.

Business Challenge: Grow organic visibility, increase online sales and strengthen domain authority for client

DJ City engaged One Egg Digital in August 2019 to achieve dominance in an ultra-competitive sound, lighting and performance retail market in Australia, competing with major international e-commerce retail stores such as Amazon. 

The company had a list of key marketing objectives and requirements that they wanted to achieve within a 12 month time period to grow their business. The improved revenue would allow them to expand into new locations and storefronts.

These objectives included:

Increasing organic traffic by 50% in 12 months;
Increasing organic revenue by 50%;
Improving link profile quality and authority;
Improving rankings for top-selling products;
Driving more brand awareness through content marketing.


As a first step, One Egg’s team conducted full audits – both technical and strategic. The initial analysis uncovered the following problems:

A large number of crawl errors and internal redirects;
Missing headers and meta-data;
Duplicate content;
Outdated & thin content pages;
Slow page load speed;
Missing product structured data;
A weak link profile.

Solution: Addressing Technical SEO Problems, Link Profile Audit & Link Building, New Content Focused Strategy and Product Page Optimization

Technical SEO

One Egg’s technical team worked through thousands of product pages on the DJ City website, ensuring that regular deep technical audits were conducted with SEMrush’s Site Audit tool.

Link Profile Audit & Link Building

The initial focus was on improving DJ City’s link profile. Using SEMrush’s Backlink Audit Tool, they identified low-quality backlinks that were disavowed.

Next, the team began a link-building campaign using various tactics including guest posting, SkyScraper technique, partnership links (from partner brands) and local business citations.

Within a 12 month period, they had improved the link profile by over 300 link placements, which put DJ City ahead of their competitors.

Product Page Optimisation

"DJ City boasts a product line of over 2,000 SKU’s. We wanted to support them in prioritizing their most profitable products and in turn, increase their revenue. In order to achieve this, we created a custom online tool that gave each product a score - formulated by weighted average of key performance indicators such as revenue, profit margin, sales volume, monthly search volume, keyword ranking, and traffic. This approach helped us highlight which products were of most importance to DJ City’s bottom line," shares Ilan.

Once One Egg understood which products had the highest scores, they evaluated each product page and identified gaps they had when it came to content quality, on-page, schema markup, internal and external links.

This approach has helped skyrocket key product pages as illustrated below:

New content-focused strategy

Optimal keyword choice was a key factor in achieving the goals set by DJ City. One Egg managed this by supporting the internal content team at DJ City to come up with ideas for new content (blog articles, “How-to” guides and videos). They provided DJ City with a wide range of keywords and content ideas using various tactics such as:

Competitor gap analysis - Using the SEMrush’s Keyword Gap Tool, One Egg uncovered several topics and product category gaps they could optimize for and attract more organic traffic.

Optimizing Underperforming Keywords - One Egg’s team identified low hanging keywords with high search volume potential, using SEMrush’s organic research tool. Then working with the content team, they further optimized those ranking pages by updating old content, adding FAQs, and improving the on-page SEO according to Google’s best practices.
Rich snippet optimization - Using SEMrush’s organic research keyword filters, One Egg’s team was able to identify keywords that trigger any of the Google rich snippet results and DJ City is not ranking for. They began the process of preparing a detailed brief for their content team to create new content for thin pages.

Between August 2019 and August 2020 DJ City has seen:

1) 53% increase in organic traffic;

2) 74% increase in organic revenue;
3) An improved DJ City’s domain Authority Score, which grew dramatically from 45 to 52;
4) 326 new referring domains.
Following the success of the campaign, DJ City expanded its staff and product offerings threefold, becoming the fastest-growing sound, lighting and performance superstore in Australia. Within the 12 month period, the company expanded to become the biggest supplier of Pro Audio and DJ equipment growing from an online-only store to 6 bricks-and-mortar locations across three states.

Over the course of our initial 12 month engagement, One Egg Digital worked closely with DJ City to achieve dominance in an ultra-competitive retail market in Australia, competing with major international e-commerce retail stores such as Amazon.

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