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How Rock Content grew from scratch to the largest content marketing company in Latin America

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"Our premise, since we opened the company, has always been doing what we preach - we are selling content marketing to customers. For this, we need to be very good in content marketing, we have to make it work, right? We decided from the beginning that we have to be our biggest success case. "
Vitor Peçanha, Co-Founder, Rock Content

About Rock Content:

Rock Content is a content marketing company. We are helping other companies to create and introduce a perfect content marketing strategy. Rock Content has been active in the Brazilian market for 6 years. Today the company has more than 1600 customers and 350 employees and is considered the largest content marketing company in Latin America.

Business challenge

Rock Content started the operation in March 2013. Their first steps were to launch the blog, write an ebook and buy the domain marketingdeconteudo.com in the middle of 2013. The first challenge was to make the blog the biggest digital marketing blog in Brazil.
Since the company's first five years of existence, SEMrush has played an important role in this challenge.
"Our challenge is to show our audience and our customer that the SEO practices we are selling work. To prove this, my partner and I launched the best blog, which started with content marketing, then went on to digital marketing. We now have the biggest blog in the country," commented Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Rock Content.


To begin with Rock Content opted for a keyword discovery strategy, and for this they used the Keyword Magic Tool. "We started from the bottom up. Initially they were keywords of little competition, since few people spoke of content marketing in 2013," says Vitor Peçanha.
By the end of 2014 the company was already gaining traction in the market. Then Rock Content decided that it was time to adopt a more active strategy: to open new horizons with more popular keywords: "For example, SEMrush showed at the time that "digital marketing " has 18 thousand searches, so we thought, great, we want these 18 thousand visits," comments Peçanha.
As soon as Rock Content changed the attitude, it created the main text of the blog focusing on the keyword "digital marketing" and the secondary texts relevant to the company persona. At that time the Keyword Magic tool was used a lot to analyze the volume of the keywords, to discover other related, etc.
By early 2015 the strategy was firm and content-producing actions were beginning to bring results, but the competition remained high. Rock Content started using the Site Audit tool with the intention of reducing the number of errors and making the content perform better. Now both tools are part of the day to day workflow. Besides, the Linkbuilding tool helps Rock Content in the search for new co-marketing opportunities.
The goal to remain in the top positions has remained the same even now. But the smaller challenges are changing according to the Brazilian scenario. In 2015 one of Rock Content´s strongest competitors in the world was entering Brazil, threatening the positions reached by Rock Content in the ranking. The company decided to choose the defence strategy: continuous SERP monitoring. "This means that if the competitor's page for 'digital marketing' goes up a bit, we visit this page, see what topic is covered, pick the main keyword, put it in SEMrush, analyze what's happening, and create our own text according to the current market situation," explains Peçanha. This strategy is now incorporated to deal with all competitors and continue to have strong positions in the SERPs.
Today Rock Content´s main challenge is growth.
"To reach this goal we are selecting new keyword groups that lay a bit beyond digital marketing, as we are expanding our persona. It's still the same persona, but we're extending the profile to marketing managers, sales managers, administrative analysts, etc., so we're also writing about how to use Excel, how to manage your team, and more. Because these new personas have these problems. So we have to keep growing, knowing that the longer you stay in the first place, the more targeted you are. So we have this responsibility (ed. to deliver the relevant content). But that's part of the fun. We are growing, opening new horizons, analyzing competitors. SEMrush helps a lot, and our challenge is to convert the visits to customers with marketing automation," explains Vitor.


Biggest Digital Marketing Blog in Brazil
Nowadays Rock Content´s blog is the main source of traffic acquisition. With its’ main article about digital marketing, that over time has already generated more than 1 million US dollars in business, and secondary texts on marketing, advertising, creation of persona, SWOT analysis, etc. Rock Content sees the strategy of remaining in the top positions in the ranking as the main focus. "All this has a big traffic, around millions visits per month and we go there and see what exactly it sells," commented Peçanha.
Expansion to other countries
"In the first 5 years of RockContent's existence SEMrush has helped us to become Brazil's biggest digital marketing blog, and 2 years ago we took our Brazilian strategy and created the blog in Spanish. It is raising in the SERPs, it is already the biggest content marketing blog in Spanish, we already have a very good audience: around 400k visitors per month."
Growth vision
Having completed the site migration project, the focus now is on growth. "Our challenge is to keep growing. For example, the blog in Portuguese generally grows at 100% per year, the Spanish blog grew by 500% last year. Our challenge is to keep growing at the same pace: 100% per year in Brazil, 300% for the blog in Spanish "- comments Peçanha.
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