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Australian agency uses purposeful SEO to scale organic sessions by 192%

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John Rosato, Digital Marketing Manager at Soul+Wolf

About Soul+Wolf:

Soul + Wolf are a results-obsessed digital agency for growth-hungry brands – spurring clients to lead the pack. Flexing data with strategy, the award-winning Melbourne team services a range of Australian businesses, driving actionable results through relentless efforts to stand out in a sea of competitors.

Business Challenge: A free-range battle to boost traffic, scale search and dominate digital

Australian Eggs are the leading national authority on all things eggs. As a not-for-profit organisation, they work across health, agricultural and government sectors – their big aim; to increase egg consumption and ensure industry sustainability.

In the digital jungle, they’d ranked alarmingly low on most sensitive search results surrounding egg nutrition, food safety and farming practices – losing out to so-called health blogs housing inaccurate and out-of-date content.

In Soul+Wolf, they sought a strategic partner to amplify their online imprint and develop effective SEO content. They were looking to take ownership of the digital space, cementing them as the authority in their industry from every angle.

Working with the client, Soul+Wolf set ambitious benchmarks for the SEO campaign:

  • Increase organic traffic coming to the Australian Eggs website by 50% within 9 months;
  • Increase Google Search Impressions by 30% within 9 months;
  • Ensure 85% of chosen, highly-searched keywords appear on Google’s first page within 9 months;
  • Improve the content-depth and user experience of the Australian Eggs website


Soul+Wolf got cracking on implementing an aggressive SEO strategy that fused both technical and content-based solutions.

Low-hanging fruit

Kicking off with strengthening existing organic traffic, Soul+Wolf zeroed in on pages receiving the most amount of traffic – methodically improving metadata, in-content internal linking and enhancing overall content quality.

Technical audit

With particularly poor and disjointed navigation, Soul+Wolf also employed several internal link initiatives to re-calibrate Australian Eggs’ internal link equity, and drive authority to the pages that needed it most.

Utilising Semrush’s Site Audit Tool, Soul+Wolf conducted a full technical review to clean up a large number of thin, duplicate and poorly-optimised content across the Australian Eggs website.

While the site wasn’t new, there had never been a significant focus on SEO, resulting in a number of SEO hygiene issues which were holding the website back. This included:

  • Hundreds of pages with missing or duplicate meta descriptions;
  • Invalid and underwhelming recipe structured data;
  • Hundreds of pages returning a 4XX status code - some of which were extremely popular from both a traffic and link perspective.

Keyword optimisation

As they sought to become Australia’s “home of eggs”, using Keyword Overview from Semrush, Soul+Wolf identified some 13,000 keywords possibly relevant to Australian Eggs – categorising and narrowing down a hit-list of more than 150 topics which were searched for more than 360,000+ times per month.

This included pillar content such as Free Range Eggs & the 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Eggs, as well as key recipes for Fried Eggs, Boiled Eggs, Quiche & Pancakes. This content was then categorised for greater search intent, leveraging Australian Eggs voice as an authority in the space.

This process paved the way in identifying, prioritising and creating all the website content Australian Eggs needed to exceed.


Within 14 months, Australian Eggs had staked its claim in the digital space, presenting a website rich in engaging and valuable content – showcasing to its seemingly ever-growing audience:

A 287% improvement in overall sessions from the previous year
A 227% improvement in page views against the previous year
4.33 million impressions from organic search, up from 1.13M in 2019
A 192% improvement in organic sessions
27% more pages receiving organic traffic than the previous year
92% of all selected keywords were ranking on the first page of Google
85% of all priority keywords were in the top 5 of Google Search
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