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Startup ecosystem research center uses traffic data to help startup owners choose the top location for building business

“Thanks to Semrush data that helped to enhance our scoring algo and focus on quality rather than pure quantity, we’ve now become the leading think tank on all things startup research. As we keep seeing Semrush data improve and grow in scope, so does our ability to measure the global startup ecosystems as well as the top cities for starting an entrepreneurial journey.”
Eli David, Founder & CEO at StartupBlink

About StartupBlink:

StartupBlink is a research center dedicated to all things startups, featuring the world’s most comprehensive startup map. They rank cities and countries by their startup-friendliness based on both quantitative and qualitative data, helping startup founders make an informed decision about the best location for meeting their startup’s needs. StartupBlink releases a signature annual Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report that ranks over 1,000 cities and 100 countries by their fit for startups.

Business challenge: add startup quality assessment based on reliable data to their ecosystem scoring algorithm

“Where you base yourself as an entrepreneur will have an impact on your startup’s chances of success”, says Eli David, the Founder and CEO at StartupBlink.

StartupBlink’s data is not only aimed at startup owners, however. It is also used by investors and even corporations that consider relocating.

The company started with a global map showing quantitative data: 

  • How many startups there are in each country/city;
  • How good microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions are in each location to cater to startups’ needs.

StartupBlink wanted to take its data to the next level with a startup quality evaluation, such as:

  • How much online traffic startups in certain locations attract, or how big their impact is.
  • What the most prominent entities in every region are, meaning the ones that had the most traffic, etc.

This information would help measure potential traction a startup can get in a certain location. 

All that was left to do was to choose a reliable partner for delivering traffic data. And that partner was Semrush.

Solution: make Semrush’s Traffic Analytics API part of the scoring algo

After thourough research, StartupBlink chose Semrush as its key partner for delivering the third element of their scoring algo—qualitative measurement. 

They use Traffic Analytics API and integrate its traffic data into their own city/country scoring algorithm. 

“Quality is where Semrush stars in our algorithm. We measure quality by looking at how many startups within a given location manage to have high traffic. This is essentially what defines for us that a location is startup-friendly from a quality perspective”, shares Ghers Fisman, StartupBlink’s data manager.  

The Semrush traffic data has allowed the report users to filter and segment the results by startup quality reaching a deeper level of insights.

Eli also shared how they used Semrush data for a ground-breaking and innovative initiative that was launched at the turn of the pandemic.

Together with UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchange, StartupBlink has built a Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Map that pinpoints the world’s most COVID-resilient as well as innovative and game-changing locations when it comes to health tech. 


Integrating Semrush data has helped StartupBlink:

  • Build a much more accurate algorithm for measuring startup ecosystems
  • Now that the report includes not only the quantity of startups at a location but also their traffic volumes, it reflects a much more realistic state of startup ecosystems around the world.
  • Attract major consulting partnerships

Since the report is free for everyone, consulting contracts are what drives revenue for StartupBlink. Thanks to the improved quality of its data, the company has built high authority in the business world and achieved a thinktank status.

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