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Alternative data platform for investors integrates Semrush traffic data for 300,000+ businesses into its ecosystem

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“We use Semrush API to help our customers make more informed decisions about companies they are considering for investment. Metrics provided by Semrush in combination with other alternative data points on Synaptic help investors get early signals on companies' performance, helping them find promising companies before they show up on anyone’s radar.”
Rohit Razdan, Co-Founder at Synaptic

About Synaptic:

Since 2016, Synaptic has been helping top Venture Capital firms, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds supercharge their investment research with alternative data. Synaptic provides company insights by unifying a wide spectrum of alternative data on a single no-code platform. Using data from both proprietary and custom sources with a rich analytics toolkit, Synaptic enables more efficient ways to complete and complement the research workflow–from sourcing and tracking to due diligence.

Business challenge: Investors’ increasing desire to invest in consumer businesses

Since inception, Synaptic has delivered alternative data insights across user traffic, employee data, employee reviews, product reviews, Github/Developer activity, public markets and many more for businesses across the globe. 

In the past few years, investors have doubled down on new age consumer companies with a strong online presence. Without the right data points, analyzing these businesses was a challenge to investors. Synaptic wanted to include metrics that can help investors assess the marketing performance and efficiency of potential investment opportunities.

Based on market research, Synaptic saw that some of the best indicators of a successful consumer business include:

  • How well it markets itself;
  • How solid its brand is;
  • If it can handle SEO and SEM challenges better than competitors.

Synaptic was looking for a reliable data provider that would deliver these insights.

Solution: Semrush API to enable investors to spot the fastest-growing companies, choose between similar businesses, and save their most valuable asset—time

After some initial peer-to-peer research, they realized that Semrush’s name comes up consistently.

“Our colleagues were all recommending Semrush. But we’re data guys, so we of course benchmarked Semrush’s data against all the other solutions—only to realize that it delivers the best data quality and widest website marketing data coverage on the market,” Rohit says.

Without any further ado, Synaptic connected with Semrush to acquire its API to integrate all of its high-level market and more granular website-level marketing data into Synaptic’s ecosystem.

Semrush has an intuitive and smooth API integration system and the Synaptic engineering team loved integrating it. The integration helped Synaptic gain a significant competitive edge as their customers can now analyze companies with multimetric insights covering Semrush data along with other alternative data indicators on the platform.

Finding the fastest-growing companies

Today, a huge number of companies are started every day. And it’s hard to understand which ones are worth the investment. 

The first thing investors look at is growth. But growth can’t always be assessed in dollars. That’s why Synaptic's customers now also factor in alternative data like traffic growth in their company assessment. 

In fact, for many consumer companies, traffic can act as a proxy for revenue, so if you don’t have access to the company’s financials, the next best thing to look at is how many people visit its site. The ability to view this data in the context of other insights, competitors, and the industry is an added bonus on the Synaptic platform.

Semrush traffic data integrated in the Synaptic interface

Semrush data also helps investor users to spot up-and-coming businesses that are showing promising growth. These are your underdogs and emerging game-changers—companies everyone wants to invest in early on before they make a splash on the markets.

Making a smarter investment choice

Another key use case for Semrush data for Synaptic’s customers is to assess the marketing efficiency of the company they’ve set eyes on.

Say, you have two companies that have comparable growth rates (financially and traffic-wise), conversions, rankings, and so on, but one’s marketing spend significantly exceeds that of the other, the choice is clear—you will more likely invest in a business whose growth doesn’t depend that much on marketing dollars.

So Semrush data helps investors to easily understand where the growth really comes from: paid ads or organic search, thus, enabling them to make a smarter investment choice. 

Semrush organic and paid traffic data integrated in the Synaptic interface


Ever since Synaptic integrated Semrush data, they instantly started seeing the benefits of adding marketing data into their already rich mix of data sources:

Semrush enables Synaptic to collect and showcase traffic data for over 300,000 businesses, something you would never be able to do manually or with any other solution.
Semrush’s data gives Synaptic a competitive edge as their customers now don’t have to spend time researching for marketing data for the companies they might want to invest in.
Investor customers are now able to discover new promising companies they might have otherwise missed if they only focused on financials and traditionally available data sources.
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