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A company focused on solving travel problems increases organic traffic by 588% and cuts CAC in half

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"There's no question that a data-driven content strategy focused on the best keywords for our user pays off. We're delighted with the way we've shifted our customer acquisition to something much more organic."
Ana Carolina Carvalho do Amaral, Content Manager at Voe Tranquilo

About Voe Tranquilo:

Voe Tranquilo specializes in helping consumers who have had problems with air transport. The company acts extrajudicially in the search for agreements with airlines to compensate passengers for inconveniences such as delays or flight cancellations, damaged or lost luggage, loss of connection, and overbooking.

Business challenge: Increase organic traffic and generate higher-quality leads

In 2020, although Voe Tranquilo was very clear about its solution and had some customers, it couldn't connect with users' searches on search engines like Google. Hundreds of people searched monthly for issues like "delayed flight rights," among other travel-related terms, but organic traffic didn't match that volume and only generated 4% of the company's leads.

"The main challenge was the diversification of customer acquisition channels. Using Semrush's tool, we realized that there were a lot of searches for these terms related to flight problems. We believed that we would be able to reduce the CAC, increasing the number of organic leads and, consequently, consolidating the growth," says Rafael Amaral, Head of Growth at Voe Tranquilo.

Example of keywords targeted by Voe Tranquilo in the Semrush Keyword Manager

Solution: Produce high-quality content and connect with user issues

One of Voe Tranquilo's principles has always been to help users with information that guides them in solving problems, and this value should also be present in content marketing strategies: content with a tangible impact on the lives of the people who will read it. So, rule number 1 in the content area is put yourself in the reader's shoes.

The strategy followed the classic marketing funnel, with some adaptations by Voe Tranquilo:

  • Awareness (top) 
  • Discovery (middle) 
  • Opportunity (bottom) 

And to define essential terms to work with, the team looked at users' queries and the keywords that best represent them. 

From there, the focus was on travel tips. The objective was to help users avoid inconvenience, but if there was a problem, they would already know who to count on to solve it. Several metrics were analyzed, including search volume and the difficulty of ranking these terms.

"We call these contents ‘pre-problems-with-flight.’ The idea in these guidelines is to plant the seed in these readers' heads so that they know they can turn to us if they have any kind of problem," explains Ana Carolina Carvalho do Amaral, Content Manager at Voe Tranquilo.

Content production step by step

To define the most critical terms, the team used Semrush's keyword research tools by following these steps:

  1. Analyze keyword metrics, including estimated monthly search volume and keyword difficulty (how difficult it would be to rank for a term) for the most important keywords. The team used Semrush’s Keyword Overview tool.
  2. Ensure that keyword search intent is appropriate for each of the funnel stages.
  3. Assess whether competitors already have content around these terms and how they performed in search engines.
  4. Collect key keyword variations using the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool.

The first keywords used represented Voe Tranquilo's areas of activity, such as 'voo atrasado' (delayed flight), 'voo cancelado' (canceled flight), and 'bagagem extraviada' (lost luggage), among other variations.

After this first stage of organizing things and creating new content, the strategy turned to dealing with users who had not yet experienced flight problems but could soon suffer from them. The content focus shifted to top-of-funnel topics.

"The idea was clear: to talk about the 'behind the scene' travel plans and tips so that users would get to know our brand little by little and, in case of flight problems, remember us," Ana Carolina says.

Throughout this process, in addition to optimized content, the team was concerned with optimizing the page as a whole, analyzing loading time, website performance, and other variables that also influence organic results.

Competitive Analysis

One of their strategies is benchmarking, and the Semrush Competitive Research tools were essential for their content marketing work. The Organic Research tool helped find competitors based on the similarity of keywords that rank on Google. In addition, it made it possible to analyze which were these well-positioned pieces of content.

"Many of our guidelines emerged from this type of research, where we detect the main keywords of our competitors, compare them with our words, and draw conclusions about the words that we still don't have and that we need to investigate," Ana Carolina explains.

Semrush Organic Research tool’s competitor data

The team also leveraged the analytical information for those words that already performed well with the help of Semrush’s Keyword Gap tool. With an excellent competitive analysis of content and links, it is possible to identify points of improvement on a website and gain more positions over the competitors.

The team also improved all existing content, including that published recently, to ensure that it would perform according to the funnel's content objective and the appropriate stage.

Monitoring Results

With quality information and responding to search intent, organic traffic began to show good results. The team used the Semrush Position Tracking tool to monitor the main keywords and and compare rankings.

As the content was indexed by Google and delivered a good user experience, it was time to work on the conversion. Several A/B tests were carried out to improve the experience and increase the effectiveness in capturing qualified leads.

The team directs users to the inquiry form through in-context links, highlighted links, static and animated banners, and landing pages with fully exploited content. This set of strategies contributes to a conversion boost and significantly impacts the number of organic leads.

Results: 588% increase in organic traffic and 66.5% decrease in CAC

After a year of work, between January 2021 and January 2022, the results arrived reliably and consistently.

Organic traffic increased by 588%, jumping from 6,450 users (Jan/21) to 44,378 users (Jan/22). The share of organic traffic jumped from 14.7% to 74.4% of the total.
As a result of attracting more qualified users, the same channel jumped from contributing just 4% to account for 33% of the total leads generated in the month.
And perhaps the most impressive result may have been the reduction of the company's CAC by 66.5% between January 2021 and January 2022. That is mainly due to work carried out with organic traffic, based on quality content, which made it possible to attract more qualified and connected users with Voe Tranquilo's solutions.
Finally, after one year of a good content marketing and SEO strategy, YoY revenue increased by 47%.
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