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Healthcare-focused digital marketers bring 83% increase to plastic surgery client’s GMB discovery search in two months

“We are obsessed with value — it’s a huge part of our services and our company mission. For us, using Semrush Listing Management offers huge value, not just in results, but in terms of saving money and time as well.”
Preston Powell, CMO at WebServ


About WebServ:

WebServ is a digital marketing agency focused on the healthcare industry and professional services. The company is committed to generating measurable returns from search marketing. The WebServ team offers SEO, PPC, Web Design and Content Marketing services, and prides itself on providing hands-on service with a personalized touch.

Business Objective: Increasing Lead Generation Through Local Search

Ever since the beginning, SEO has always been WebServ’s focus. While the agency offers other valuable services like web design, PPC and content marketing, SEO is their bread and butter. When a client signs up with WebServ, one of the first things they do is check the client’s existing rankings and authority. From there, they strategize how to grow the client’s search traffic, authority, and leads. A really good place to start is by getting their NAP listings on as many directories as possible in order to grow the local search.

Solution: Using Listing Management

“We use Listing Management tool for every single SEO client. We used to use a competitive solution, but Semrush’s Listing Management tool provided access to more directories and functionality,” says Preston Powell, WebServ’s CMO. “While we’d recommend it for any business owner, it’s particularly helpful for an agency, especially since we can manage our listings all in one place—no need to get third parties involved.”
“We’re particularly impressed with the tool because of how many directories Listing Management grants access to. It allows us to distribute our clients’ business data to 80 of the most authoritative directories, which is way more than what other tools offer,” shares Preston.
Many of these listings offer a backlink to the client’s website, plus it preps WebServ’s clients for voice search. According to Search Engine Land, 47% of local business searches happen via voice search; Semrush Listing Management tool helps WebServ’s clients rank higher in map packs, which these voice searches often trigger.
“Listing Management benefits us significantly because it targets high-intent local traffic looking for businesses and converts at a high rate. It’s a really simple task that allows us to get some quick wins for local businesses—and it’s always nice to show new clients some quick results while other long-term strategies are in play,” says Preston.
For example, when WebServ first brought Wave Plastic Surgery on as a client in March 2020, one of the very first things they did was use Listing Management to increase the clinic’s web authority. From the period of April 24 to June 22, their Arcadia location’s Google My Business listing benefitted from a 7% increase in direct searches and a 34% increase in discovery searches.
The clinic’s GMB search views increased by 6%, and WebServ were able to show them an 80% increase in map views. While Preston and his team were happy with the increase in traffic, for this business they also wanted to take a look at their number of calls and leads. The agency found that Wave Arcadia Plastic Surgery & Laser Center’s GMB received a 74% increase in website visits, 83% more phone calls and 49% more photo views. During this period, there was a 44% drop in direction requests, but WebServ attributes that to LA’s stay-at-home orders at the time (however, they can see a significant rise in direction requests around mid-June).
According to Preston, getting rid of inaccurate and duplicate listings has never been simpler. On the agency’s end, Listing Management finds conflicting business listings that may be interfering with their clients’ listings, and WebServ has the opportunity to suppress those conflicting listings.
“We love that it’s all in one place, so as long as we dedicate some time to it, getting through that list and suppressing conflicting listings that could be affecting all of our clients’ listings is a breeze,” says Preston. “For example, when we saw that Wave Plastic Surgery’s San Francisco location was showing up as a duplicate for two or three other plastic surgeons (possibly due to a shared building address but no specification of suite number), all we had to do to keep search engines focused on our client was click ‘suppress’.”


As an agency, WebServ measures their success by the success of their clients, and using Semrush’s Listing Management tool has helped them:
Save time: Listing Management takes them 500% less time than manually managing listings for clients, which means WebServ has more time to focus on a better level of care for their clients.
See an increase in customer retention: The clients love that W2R shows positive results in their local search metrics so quickly—Listing Management allows the agency to make a fantastic first impression.
Double the clients’ SQLs: Most of their clients see a 100% increase in SQLs from local search once the agency begins managing their listing with the Semrush tool.


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