Agency Partners Platform

Find more leads, land better clients, and increase your visibility with a global community of marketers.

Become an Agency Partner
Get a dedicated landing page for your agency
Gain access to a global community of Semrush users
Increase your agency’s visibility
Build trust with clients and leads

Generate Higher-Quality Leads and Land More Clients

Semrush Agency Partners is a platform that connects marketers in the Semrush community with top agencies, based on their project requirements, industry, budget, and other criteria.

Close Deals More Easily

Agency Partners are only a click away from prospective clients.

And because we only accept requests from registered users, you don’t have to worry about lead spam.

All those inbound leads will go straight to Semrush CRM so you can process them right away.

Build Trust with Future Clients

Show your clients you know your stuff. Every Semrush Agency Partner is certified through Semrush Academy and rated with an Agency Score.

These certifications show future clients that you know how to use Semrush to help them get ahead. The Agency Score shows them that you do great work for your current clients.

Get in Front of the Global Semrush Community

10 million users worldwide (and 30% of Fortune 500 companies) have tried Semrush. As a Semrush Agency Partner, members of that massive community will be able to find you with the click of a button.

Share your Agency Partner status with an exclusive landing page on and a unique Agency Partner badge to use in your marketing materials.

Shine a Spotlight on Your Agency

Become an Agency Partner