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A CRM solution that helps digital agencies do more to make their clients happier

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Give Every Deal a Special Treatment and Show Clients Best Work

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Keep All Client Data in One Place

  • Create profiles for your prospects or clients and add all needed data, including contact info, project details, and quick notes.
  • Connect projects and reports from Semrush to each client and track a variety of digital marketing metrics on the client page.
  • Securely store up to 50 GB* of client-related files that you can always access, download, rename, delete, or share with clients.


* Available to Agency Growth Kit users

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Get Insights About Your Prospects

Evaluate your leads based on enriched data:

  • Review metadata, website development tools, security information, IP address, and languages supported on the client’s website.
  • See prospect’s contact info, social media links, connected analytical tools, trackers, CRMs, advertising platforms, tag managers, and retargeting tools.*


* Available to Agency Growth Kit users

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Track Tasks and Demonstrate Progress

Store, track, manage, and report on the tasks and activities that make up your relationships with clients and streamline your business processes.

  • Set tasks, deadlines, and task owners
  • Prioritize your activities and track the progress of your project
  • Use customizable checklists to make sure everything is complete
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Offer a Modern Client Experience

Collaborate with your clients within white-label client portals with all communication, reports, and the scope of work in one place.

With client portals, you can:

  • Report 24/7 on the work done
  • Demonstrate your progress by sharing your tasks status
  • Get approvals from your clients

And more!

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Only in Agency Growth Kit Advanced

Embed Client Portals on Your Agency Website

Add client portals to your agency website's subdomain for a streamlined experience, increased client satisfaction, and a stronger brand presence. Our solution lets you provide secure and personalized portals as a custom solution, with no coding required.

What Our Clients Say

“Semrush is one of a kind in the sense that the company knows exactly what the pain areas of marketing agencies tend to be. This is because its products are targeted at them. I think marketers or marketing agencies need a product tailored just for them, and Semrush CRM is exactly that.”
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Pulkit Agrawal
Founder & Managing Director at UR Digital

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