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Understand how search engines interact with your website.

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Learn How Googlebots Interact with Your Website

Log File Analyzer is a reliable source of accurate information to help you understand all the crawling nuances of your website.

Check status codes

Log File Analyzer helps you get data about errors and detect technical, structural or navigational issues which hinder Google’s bots.

Analyze file types

With Log File Analyzer, you can find all the files Googlebot interacted with and their types to better understand your crawling budgets.

Get detailed reports

The tool decrypts your logs and provides you with a comprehensive table and graph where you can analyze the whole crawl process.

How Log File Analyzer Works

Save your time on manual file analysis. Get a precise picture of the whole crawl process of your website in a couple of simple steps.

Discover desktop and mobile activity

Analyze log files and identify the highest number hit by Googlebot and the time the hits were made.

Optimize crawl budget

Log File Analyzer helps you understand exactly how bots crawl your website and spend your crawl budget.

Just 2 steps —
and you’re all set

To get a detailed Log File report, download your access.log files via an FTP client, and drop them into the Analyzer to upload.

Save time spent tedious analyzing of your crawl budgets

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