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Gain a complete understanding of your current or a new market. Include competitor analysis in the key steps of your marketing management process.

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  • Market Explorer

    Establish the positions on the market with Semrush Growth Quadrant. Discover market size and potential, the key players, their online market share and traffic generation strategies in Semrush Market Explorer reports.

  • Traffic Analytics

    Conduct a comparative analysis of market players’ online performance and trends with Traffic Analytics. Analyze your target market customers demand and interests, geo distribution, their traffic journey to level up your communication and media strategies.

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The most important thing I can have really is data. Data is my currency. I need to support initiatives, business cases - any tools that give me the insight I find incredibly useful. Then when it comes to measuring these initiatives the reporting comes in handy. Semrush is a very solid package that delivers exactly that.
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Nick Wilsdon
Product Owner, Search Vodafone Group

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