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Map Out the Competitive Landscape with the Semrush Growth Quadrant

  • Detect Leaders, Established Players, Game Changers, and Niche Players
  • Compare growth rates of individual players and the entire market
  • Assess your chances and costs of entering a new market
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Set Benchmarks for New Markets and Existing Niches

Market Traffic Overview and Top Players’ Online Shares

  • Get an instant competition overview by entering just one website
  • Study more than your direct competition — discover your indirect and aspiring rivals
  • See a full list of websites competing for online visibility in your niche (All Market)
  • Pinpoint the domains that jeopardize your entered website’s popularity the most (Narrow Focus)
  • Rank websites by the share of visits they get from the total market traffic

Traffic Trends: Total Market vs Chosen Competitor

  • Observe peaks and declines in the total market traffic
  • Discover the market volatility season by season
  • Get to know any possible shift in demand by a single look at the changes in the volume of traffic
  • Compare the dynamics of one company’s website traffic to the total market metrics

Traffic Generation Strategies and Growth by Sources

  • Break down the total market’s digital marketing mix
  • Compare it to the chosen player’s traffic generation strategy
  • Reveal which traffic sources contribute to the highest growth
  • Benchmark a selected website’s growth in specific channels to the market standards

Audience Interests and Demographics

  • Study the topics that attract the most users in the researched segment and thus are worth targeting
  • Check whether female or male customers are more active in your niche
  • Learn the average age of consumers in the researched field
  • Compare a chosen competitor’s audience to the entire market’s demographics

Relevant Sites’ Traffic Distribution in Dynamics

  • Get a list of top players selected by their volume of total, direct, referral, search, social, and paid traffic
  • Broaden your perspective to “All Market” or concentrate on “Narrow Focus” for a niche overview
  • Investigate traffic-generation strategies of the market leaders
  • Outline competitors’ market shares by their performance in online channels
Analyze the competitive landscape in any market
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Analyze Your Custom Market in Detail

  • Research website traffic trends in your custom market
  • Compare key players’ traffic generation and social media distribution strategies
  • Understand your custom market audience characteristics
  • Find leaders in each of the digital marketing channels

Support your business and marketing decisions with market data

Analyze new markets and niches

Explore the market situation in a foreign country or a new niche before expanding your business there

Set the industry benchmarks

Discover industry standards and top players’ records to know what marketing metrics to look up to

Gain in-market audience insights

Research your target market inside out to stay on top of their interests and add relevant hooks to your future campaigns

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