PPC Keyword Tool

Сhoose the best keywords based on CPC, volume, and other vital metrics. Build a perfect keyword list, set negative keywords, and remove duplicates.

Collect Keywords And Optimize Your Lists

Collect keywords through multiple sources

In any PPC campaign, you need to maintain a delicate balance between expanding your keyword list as much as possible and keeping it relevant to your topic.

PPC keyword planner by Semrush helps you gather keywords in different ways: import keywords from .csv, .xls and .txt files, get long-tail suggestions, find related keywords, and merge keywords to build new combinations.

Manage and optimize keyword lists

If you use multiple channels for gathering keywords, you will probably find numerous duplicates in your list. The ‘Remove duplicates’ button will delete them in one click. You can also quickly remove special characters and unnecessary figures. Keyword grouping is another important stage in preparing a PPC campaign. A manual drag-and-drop feature is available, or, if you prefer, choose the ‘1 keyword = 1 group’ option.

Cross-Match Negative Keywords

Avoid any cross-group duplicates

When using the broad or modified broad match type in your campaigns, cross-matching negative keywords can be a real headache. Some search terms may cause your ads to compete with each other, making your CPC grow. The ‘Cross-group negatives’ function will save you hours, especially when you manage big campaigns.

Stay on budget and avoid competition among your own ads!
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Polish your keyword list with Recommendation

The Recommendations feature allows you to bring your campaign to perfection

Clean keywords

Improve your keyword list by clearing out any unnecessary prepositions, articles, or other irrelevant keyword modifiers.

Remove duplicates

Get rid of keywords that are found in multiple ad groups. Removing duplicates is a good way to narrow down your keyword list.

Cross-group negatives

Avoid any crossover between groups and optimize your PPC campaign. The tool automatically finds intersecting keywords across different ad groups in no time.

Remove empty groups

Save your favorite topics and export them to XLS

Compile a perfect keyword list for your Google Ads campaign!

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