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Explore the PLA competitive landscape, analyze in detail your rivals’ product feeds, and get data-powered insights for your e-commerce strategy

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Analyze competitors’ PLAs

Find the top advertisers in Google Shopping

View the keywords that trigger ads

Define your product listing ad (PLA) competitors

Do you know whose ads are pushing you out of search results and grabbing your potential sales?

Define your Google Shopping rivals

Get an extended list of your competitors. Discover more e-commerce players in your niche and learn from them. Spot and estimate your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses.

See how many PLA keywords your competitors has in common with you

Find out how many PLA keywords you and other advertisers have in common. The higher the number of common words and phrases, the higher the level of competition is between your websites.

Discover the keywords that trigger each ad

See the exact keywords that trigger PLA ads of your and your competitor’s domains to appear in paid search results. Spot any terms that you didn’t use in your product’s title, description or other attributes.

See your competitors’ best-performing PLAs

PLA Copies

Find copies of your competitors’ ads launched via Google Shopping. Each ad is followed by the number of keywords for which it appeared in Google Shopping results. Therefore, you can define top performers among your competitors’ product listing ads, analyze their components in order to understand what Google likes the most, and use them for your own ads.

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