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Don’t let the changes get you down

An increase or decline in your website’s positions in search can be caused by a variety of factors, such as technical issues on the website (toxic backlinks, broken pages), its restructuring, content revision, etc. or the ranking algorithm updates.

Find reasons behind changes

  • Email and browser notificationson significant fluctuations in the SERP
  • Custom sets of keywordsto track daily position changes
  • Hintstelling you about the latest updates and their specifics

Find a niche to expand to

  • Volatility comparisonbetween categories, countries, keyword databases, etc.
  • SERP featuresoccurrence trend for the top 20 search results
  • Deviations analysisshowing the categories most impacted by a specific update

Assess Your Prospects

Semrush Sensor is designed to monitor daily changes in the rankings in the selected category and gauges the SERP volatility on a scale of 0-10. The higher the score is, the more likely an algorithm update was introduced by Google.

High range

Position changes for numerous sites! Google results are shaking up. This may be a sign of a possible algorithm change. Check if your site has been affected.

Compare your project to the rest of Google

Compare your project to the rest of Google

Check your site’s volatility compared to other sites from a specific niche. You can make visual comparisons for different countries, desktop and mobile devices to stay updated with reasons behind your ranking fluctuation.

Seize the moment to beat your rivals

Seize the moment to beat your rivals

The Winners and Losers report of Semrush Sensor will tell you which of the tracked domains ranking in Google’s top 20 in the selected category are most affected by the update. This will help you find the competitors that you can easily outrank.

Monitor all Google updates in one tool

Monitor all Google updates in one tool

Learn about the important updates directly in Sensor’s interface. Get the freshest news on algorithm updates Google implements regularly. Read them in a special news feed, and get insights on what these updates affect.

Get regular updates on SERP changes. Stay the course with Semrush Sensor.

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