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Generate a brief template for optimized content focused on your target keywords in a few clicks. Get custom SEO recommendations based on your top 10 rivals ranking for your keyword in Google search in a specific area

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Get Custom SEO Recommendations for Your Copy

Focusing on SEO before any text is written will increase your chances of ranking high in search engines and boost your organic traffic. Using SEO Content Template, all you have to do is type in your target keyword, choose your location and get a custom SEO template for your content piece

All the recommendations are based on your top 10 rivals ranking for your target keywords in Google search

  • Receive a list of semantically related keywords
  • Get a list of relevant domains to get backlinks from
  • Discover the recommended readability for your copy
  • Learn the suggested content length

Be Reminded of Basic SEO Tips

There are some basic SEO recommendations that apply to any page you publish online

To help you to keep them in mind when creating copy to ensure optimized content, SEO Content Template will remind you or your copywriters to use your target keywords in your page title, H1 and text, and stick to the recommended length of your title and meta-description

Check How Your Rivals Use Your Keywords

To outrank your rivals in SERPs, you have to analyze their content and think about how your copy can be written better than theirs

Using SEO Content Template, you can see in what context and how your competitors use your target keywords in their articles in just one tab. Analyze what content brings your rivals to the Google top 10 and get ideas on how to use the keywords you want to rank for

Export Your SEO Content Template to a Doc

Export your briefs and send them to your copywriters in a few clicks

See Your Top-10 Rival Articles in One Tab

Get a list of articles ranking high for the same target keyword

Quickly Check Your Text for SEO Friendliness

Analyze your copy’s SEO friendliness using a real-time content check

Create an SEO-friendly Brief Using SEO Content Template

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