SERP Tracking Tools

Monitor your performance on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages and discover new opportunities to improve your online presence with Semrush

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  • Position Tracking

    Track any keywords, domains and competitors on Google. Our tool makes it easy to track your campaign progress, spot and fix cannibalization, and optimize your targeting efforts based on the most accurate data, updated daily.

  • Sensor

    Track the volatility of Google’s and Baidu’s SERPs based on daily changes in rankings. Monitor signs that could indicate an update to Google’s algorithm, and follow which industries are changing more than others.

  • Ranks

    Research the domains with the most organic visibility in various global markets. Discover domains with the most paid keywords, paid traffic, and estimated paid traffic budget and pull the data for any of our regional databases.

Enhance organic visibility, optimize SEO and PPC campaigns and win SERP features with Semrush SERP tracking tools

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