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One2Target Audience Overlap Report

One2Target Audience Overlap Report

The One2Target Audience Overlap report allows you to understand what websites an audience visits and how audiences overlap among various domains. 

With the Audience Overlap report, you can discover: 

  • The websites that are popular among a particular audience 
  • Audience interests and preferences 
  • Brands that may present business development and partnership opportunities 
  • Unexpected advertising opportunities and venues 

To begin, enter up to five domains to compare. Once you enter your selected domains, make sure you’ve also defined your desired timeframe, location, and device type at the top of the report.

One2Target Audience Overlap Report image 1

Analyzing a Single Domain 

When analyzing a single domain, the Audience Overlap report displays the Also Visited Domains widget. This list reveals what domains your audience also visited along with your domain of focus. With each website, you can see the number of unique audience members that visited the domain, the potential audience size, and the overlap percentage between the audience of your selected domain and the listed domains.

One2Target Audience Overlap Report image 2

Using the “Filter by domain” and “Select category” options at the top of the table, you can bring the most relevant information to the top for easy analysis. Use the safe mode switch to block adult content that isn’t relevant to your research. 

Analyzing Multiple Domains 

Comparing multiple domains in the Audience Overlap report is simple. Enter up to 5 domains into the cells and click the “Compare” button. The report will then switch to comparison mode.

One2Target Audience Overlap Report image 3

Audience Overlap 

When analyzing multiple domains, you’ll first encounter the Audience Overlap section. This section allows you to visualize and analyze audience overlaps between your chosen domains. 

First, select the domain you’d like to focus on by using the dropdown at the top of the widget. Each of the four corresponding diagrams shows the audience overlap for each of the domains you entered with the domain you’ve chosen to focus on.

Audience Overlap widget

Beneath each diagram, you’ll discover specific metrics related to the examined domains. These include:

  • The total number of visitors to each individual domain
  • The total number of visitors to both domains
  • The potential audience
  • The percentage and number of overlapping visitors. 

You can also hover over the different sections of the diagram to view these metrics in relation to the selected section.
Below, the Sets of Overlaps section offers similar metrics as they relate to three or more domains. The colored dots help you identify what domains are included. You can also list the domain name by toggling the “show domains” switch.

Sets of overlap in One2Target

Also Visited Domains in Comparison Mode

In comparison mode, you’ll notice the Also Visited Domains section shows some slight variations. At the top of the chart, the two dropdown menus allow you to set the audience segment for the table as “Contains,” “Shares,” or “Excludes,” to compare various overlap conditions. You can also change the included domains using the second dropdown.

Audience segment in Also Visited Domains

Using these filters lets you compare domains and see the total shared audience between competitors and where a domain is missing out on an audience.

Audience Overlap data can be exported as a PNG, CSV, or Google Sheets file. Visited domains list is available for export as Google Sheets or CSV file. Just click the “Export” button and select your preferred option from the dropdown menu.

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