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SERP Features: Hotels Pack

SERP Features: Hotels Pack

The hotels pack SERP feature shows answers related to booking accommodation. Results that show up in this feature might be based on a searcher’s location or a location-specific hotel query.

Let’s look at these two examples. The first one is a hotel pack that appears from just a search for “hotels” when the searcher is located in the American city of Orlando, Florida.

Regular hotel pack

But, a more specific search with a location-based keyword (“hotels in Barcelona Spain”) will show hotels in Barcelona. 

Hotels pack with a specified location

Both of the examples above show what a hotel pack could look like on a desktop computer. Below, is what this SERP feature may look like on mobile: 

What Hotels pack can look like on mobile devices

Hotel packs are usually found near the top of the SERP, either above or below ads. 

How to Rank for a Hotels Pack SERP Feature 

The best way to rank for this type of SERP feature is by adding schema markup to your site. Schema markup is an HTML framework to help search engines understand your site. 

Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even campsites can use markup for hotels to improve chances of getting in the hotels pack. 

Using the right schema is crucial to showing up in the right place on the SERP. There are different types of schema depending on the kind of lodging business. Plus, there are types of accommodation schemas. documents each type of schema markup for lodging and accommodation

Schema markup types listed on website

Filling out all the information in the schema as best as you can helps reach more potential guests. You can learn more about how to use schema for your hotel on What Is Schema Markup & How to Implement Structured Data

How Semrush Collects Data About Hotels Packs 

When we scan a keyword’s SERP, we identify whether or not a hotels pack is present anywhere on the results page. 

  • If a hotel pack is present on the SERP, you’ll see its gray icon in the SF column.

Since we cannot currently collect URLs related to hotels packs, we cannot say if a queried domain is featured and cannot save it as a position in Organic Research. However, you can keep track of your hotel’s position in a local hotel pack using the Position Tracking tool

Tracking hotel pack in Position Tracking