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How to Secure Transparency in a Team Account

How to Secure Transparency in a Team Account

Transparency within a team is vital for productive management. Semrush allows you to monitor collaboration and progress at ease. Having visibility and control over users’ activity is essential to our account owners when managing projects efficiently. 

Semrush offers five features that help keep accounts transparent for the account owner. 

Query Log 

You can reference all past Semrush queries, API calls, and exports in the Query Log or under the User Management section. 

The Query log lists the queries users under your account have been searching. Here, you can see which user made the query, the time and date, the database, the report type, and if they used historical data. 

Example of the Query Log where the query and report type is highlighted.

If you are looking for something specific, such as a query or date, use the filters to find it quickly. 

Activity Log 

You can reference the dates of user management activities in the Activity Log, located under the User Management section. 

The user management activities logged here include invitations, changes to limits, changes to users' roles, logins, and more. 

Example of the Activity Log.

My Team’s 

Under the My Team’s tab of the Projects dashboard, the owner or an admin of a corporate account will see all the Projects created by the users. 

The owner or an admin of a corporate account has Editor access to all projects by default and can remove a project created by a corporate account user if necessary.

The My Team's tab is highlighted in the Projects Dashboard.

You can also find the My Team’s tab in Keyword Manager. Here you will find keyword lists owned by your team.

The My Team's tab is highlighted in Keyword lists.

This tab is only visible to corporate account owners and admins.

“Owned by” Filter 

Note that CRM is free, although some features in the tool require the Agency Growth Kit add-on.

By default, the Clients list in CRM shows all the clients created by the account owner and users. Using the “Owned by” filter, you can filter clients owned by you, shared with you, or your team. 

The Owned by filter is highlighted in the Clients list in CRM.

Guest List 

In the Guest List feature, under the User Management section, the owner of a corporate account will see all the assets collaborators. Seeing guest users of your Semrush account allows you to control access to your Semrush assets without limitations or interruptions.

  • Guests are individuals to whom you have granted access to selected Semrush assets.
  • Assets are shareable items in Semrush such as Projects, Documents, Keyword Lists, etc.

With the Guest List feature, you can see all the guests you’ve shared assets with and the number of shared assets. Your Guests can be transformed into users to collaborate more effectively. 

Example of the Guest list.


The Projects tab lists all of the projects on the account. The Owner and Admins will be able to see and edit all of their own projects, as well as view, edit, delete and share all projects created by users.

The Projects tab showing the owner's projects and projects created by users.

With each project, you can see who is the Project owner and what day the Project was initially created. You can also change the official owner of the Project with the checkbox and “change owner” button (watch below). 

Note: When someone leaves the company and gets deleted from the corporate account, all their projects are automatically transferred to the Owner account.

A demonstration of how to change the owner of a Project.

If you want to share any of your projects, you can do it right through this dashboard. You won’t have to go to your projects list to do it, instead just click the share your projects button in the top right, directly next to the invite user button.

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