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Troubleshooting the Semrush Connection to Your Social Media Accounts

Troubleshooting the Semrush Connection to Your Social Media Accounts

In most cases, configuring Social Poster goes seamlessly. However, some particulars can cause issues and should be kept in mind. 

Refreshing an expired connection

Please note that all of your social media connections to Social Poster require refreshing every 60 days before the connections will naturally expire. To refresh the connections, you need to log in to the Poster tool and refresh your connection there.

Social Poster Overview: a yellowish notification that access to accounts has expired appears under the tabs with the names of reports.

The dialogue will take you to the social network to log in, and this will reconnect the profile to Semrush.

If you want to receive notifications when your connections are about to expire, go to the Notifications section in the settings menu of the Social Poster. 

Social Poster settings: click the setting button in the top-right corner and add an email in the Notifications tab.

The Facebook/Instagram account is inactive, checkpointed, or restricted

Facebook recommends signing into the Facebook/Instagram app and completing any actions the app requires to re-enable the account.

Why is the account restricted? 

Meta Business Suite requires each asset to be shared with the ‘Partner’ that will be involved with a Facebook or Instagram account. This is particularly relevant to agencies working with clients. 

If you are unable to allow all the permissions within Facebook, you will need to be added as a Partner. You also may find this issue if you’re trying to post through Social Poster, but there is an error asking to “Refresh” Facebook/Instagram without a “review account connection” message.

Facebook settings menu with toggles to activate the setting.

In order to fix this, the client should:

Login to Meta Business Suite. In the upper left, click the drop-down to find your company. Click the gear icon to take you to Settings. 

Under “Users”, click “Partners”. Next, click “Add” then “Give a partner access to your assets”.

An example of a Meta business suite: red rectangles highlight the company name in the top-left corner where you can select an account and click the settings gear to open the settings menu.

Meta business suite settings menu with red rectangles highlighting the Partners tab and the Add button which you need to click to share assets.

When adding a new partner, type the Partner business ID in the setup window. You may then need to assign any relevant assets to include Facebook and/or Instagram. Here, you will have the option to set appropriate permissions. All permissions are encouraged for most agencies.

Next, the agency should:

Having provided your partner ID to the client and refreshing your page to verify the assets have been received, assign team members to these assets.

Within Meta Business Suite click “Settings” and under “Business Assets”, you will see a list of all Assets that have been granted permission from others/clients. Click an Asset, then click on “Page access” in the window that appears. Next, click “Add people” to add your team members with relevant permissions.

Meta business suite settings menu with red rectangles highlighting the Business assets tab.

Return to Semrush and refresh the integrations that were previously not working. You should now be able to publish content from Semrush.


If you are having trouble connecting your Facebook page to Social Poster, there are usually several reasons why this is happening. Here is what can be done to prevent or fix the connection errors:

The first reason you may be having trouble with Facebook is that you haven't provided Semrush with all of the required permissions. 

Luckily this is a rather easy issue to solve. The first thing you need to do is to log into your Facebook profile (that has the required permissions), then navigate to your settings and look for business integrations. Once you’re in the business integrations section on your Facebook profile, revoke access to the Semrush app, then go back into your Social Poster and try connecting to your Facebook account again. 

Facebook Business Integrations menu with Semrush added as an active integration.

Make sure that you are allowing all of the permissions we ask for and you should be good to go. 

If you are an admin of several Pages, you need to choose all the pages that are or will be connected to all Semrush projects when connecting the account in one of your projects. For example, if you have two projects and are an admin of two different pages, you need to choose both pages when you set up campaigns in your projects. If you had already connected Page 1 in Project 1 and when, while connecting Project 2 to Page 2, you select only Page 2 (and deselect Page 1), this will lead to disconnection of Page 1 in Project 1.

Keep in mind that we do not use, store, or even fetch any of your personal data from your Facebook Profile. 

The second reason why you may not be able to connect is that you’re already logged into Facebook but under a different account. You should double-check to make sure the account that has the granted permissions is connected. 

If it's not, try logging out of your Facebook profile and logging back in with the correct account.

Finally, there are various permission levels and types for your Facebook profile. In some cases, you may only have permission to post and not permission to analyze. If you find that this is the case, you should contact a page administrator who can promote your access to gain all permissions.

Please note that we will only see the list of pages where you were the admin when you connected the account. We will not see the new pages that you become an admin of after you connect your account. If this is the case, you need to revoke access to the Semrush app, then go back into your Social Poster and try connecting to your Facebook account again. 

Sometimes there are undefined issues that can be cured by reconnecting Semrush to your Facebook account. To do so, pick “Settings” then "Profiles" from the Social Poster settings menu and remove the target profile

Social Tracker settings: you can remove accounts under the Profiles tab by clicking the "trash" icon next to the linked account and add them by clicking "Add profile".

Then connect the profile back from any of the Social Poster pages.

If you experience issues with uploading data, you’ll have to get to your Facebook Business Integrations page and remove Semrush from your integrations list

Facebook Business Integrations menu with Semrush added as an active integration.

Please be careful and don’t delete any of the content you’ve posted.

Then reconnect your account as described above.
Several errors can be caused by this issue:
  • Account was successfully connected but the “Connection expired” notification persists (for example, every time you try to publish a post),
  • Account was successfully connected, but the tool continuously asks you to refresh access to a page,
  • You are sure that you have full access to a page, but it’s still not visible during the connection process.
To fix those errors, open the Business Integrations page in your Facebook settings (it can also be opened via Settings & Privacy/Settings/Business integrations), then select Semrush app and open “View and Edit.” If you cannot find the desired page or account in the list, it means that your access to it is either absent or not on the required level, so Facebook removed it. In this case, reach out to the admin of that page or account so they would grant you the necessary permissions. In the Semrush integration window, all boxes for the corresponding Facebook Business Page should be checked.

For Instagram Business Accounts, checkmarks should be on not only for your corresponding Instagram account but for the Facebook Business Page.

Here is the list of sections where all permissions need to be provided:
  • Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger
  • Create and manage content on your Page
  • Manage comments on your Page
  • Read content posted on the Page
  • Create and manage ads for your Page
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for your Page
  • Read user content on your Page
  • Show a list of the Pages you manage
After ensuring that all necessary permissions are provided, return to the Semrush Social app and refresh your access once again.

You may get the error message “Access to your Page is temporarily restricted until you complete publishing authorization.”

To fix this, open Facebook, then open the profiles list and select the “Temporarily restricted” profile. Next, click “Get Started” and follow the instructions

A notification that access to a page is temporarily restricted. You can click "Get Started" to authorize it.


The situation with Instagram is almost the same as with Facebook, except for one step. 

Instagram integration is available for business Instagram profiles only. To use Social Poster, choose “Switch to Professional Account” in your Instagram account settings.

If your account doesn’t get recognized correctly, try switching it to Personal and then to Professional once again.

To avoid any further connection issues, we also recommend ensuring that the 2FA on your Instagram account is enabled

Instagram Settings: the "Switch to professional account" button is highlighted.

All Instagram profiles are connected via Facebook, so you have to ensure your profiles are interlinked and check if all Facebook permissions are granted as described above
If you have more than one Instagram account, please double-check that you are currently using the one that is connected to Social Poster. In case you find out you are not, just switch to the right one. 

Sometimes the connection error keeps repeating itself for no obvious reason through no fault of Semrush. Here’s a list of actions that can still help remedy the situation:

Switch your Instagram account to Personal and then back to Professional.

Unlink your Instagram account from your Facebook account using the “Remove” button in the Facebook section of the "See more in Accounts Center menu". Then, re-link the Instagram account with Facebook and try setting up the Semrush integration once again

Instagram Settings with the "See more in Accounts Center" button highlighted.

Meta Accounts Center with the Accounts and Remove buttons highlighted with red rectangles.

If you are trying to connect a business Instagram account to Social Poster, but the profile is not on the list, you may have to review the account connection. 

Please check if you have a "Review Connection" notification within the settings section of Facebook. If so, please click on the button to review the connection.

Facebook settings: a page with linked accounts where you can see a message to review connection.

Luckily, neither our team nor our users have ever encountered issues connecting Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest to Social Poster.

However, if you encounter any issues with these networks, please find the instructions on revoking access below.


To solve the connection problem with your LinkedIn profile, we suggest revoking access to the Semrush app and then providing it again.

Open your profile Settings and select Data Privacy. There, select Other Applications and Permitted Services. As an option, you can use this link to quickly reach the final folder.

In Permitted Services, find the SemrushSMMTool app and remove it. After that, try connecting your LinkedIn profile to Semrush again.


Access to the Semrush App can be revoked in the Twitter settings. 

You can use this link or open “Settings”, then “Security and account access”, select “Apps and sessions”, and find the Semrush app in “Connected Apps”.

After revoking access to this app, log out from your Twitter account. Then, you need to log back in and connect your Twitter profile again to Social Poster.


To revoke Semrush access to your Pinterest account, either follow this link or open the settings and select “Apps” to find the Semrush app and disconnect it.

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