How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

Ready to move ahead of your competition? Developing an effective marketing strategy is a great place to start. In this course, you’ll learn the components of a solid marketing strategy, how to set business goals, and how to do a competitor analysis.

Who is this сourse for?

This practical course provides learners with the components of a winning marketing strategy. Perfect for anyone brand new to marketing strategies or for those who would like to brush up on key focus areas.


What you’ll learn

Throughout this course, you’ll learn what a marketing strategy is and why they are crucial to your business’s success. Additionally, you’ll uncover the key components that should be included in your strategy as well as how to perform competitor and SWOT analyses. 


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This course was developed by a team of industry-leading experts at Semrush with diverse marketing backgrounds. They offer engaging, up-to-date content tailored to the dynamic digital marketing landscape. Enrolling in this course will equip you with the essential skills to thrive in today's digital world.

Course Structure


What Is A Marketing Strategy, and Why Do I Need One?

In this first lesson, you’ll get to know the basics of developing a solid marketing strategy for your business. You will walk through the essential components of a marketing strategy and have a better handle on what you’re trying to achieve in your business and why.
1 video
7 minutes

How To Set Marketing Goals That Support Your Business

In this lesson, you’ll explore how to set marketing goals that support your business effectively, while also helping you communicate who you are as a brand and how you can help your customers thrive.
1 video
9 minutes

How To Do A Competitor Analysis

In this final lesson, you’ll uncover strategic opportunities and potential threats of the landscape your business is operating in, all while developing a better understanding of your own unique selling points.
1 video
15 minutes
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